April Newsletter

On Thursday I went dancing. A group I like: "Society Child" stopped at one of the local casinos and had us jamming to Disco. As often happens, tables were pulled together and soon besides the friends and relatives of the band we were joined by what we called in the olden days: GROUPIES. It was great to forget about the troubles of the world for a brief moment, actually 4 hours and live in the NOW. So what if it was the 70's and 80's!

In-between dances and yelling at each other to override the volume of the music, we had a great conversation going in no time.

We talked about the BUTT PATROL, of course. The fact that schools are closing down and teachers are without work, the pressure our poor kids are under to pass the tests required to graduate..... or was it to get reimbursement from the government for attendance... like I said it was Disco and loud. Some Nonsmokers have risen to the occasion to be really mad about the whole thing, now that they realize many tax dollars are lost by us not buying cigarettes in the usual places. Rather than admitting they fell into the trap of allowing themselves to be guided to show outright hatred toward the smokers than to realize they did not read both sides of the smoking ban issue...... even some smokers neglected that part of it, I was told... a rumor is now circulating that it was the Natives which started the whole thing!

Most of us smokers and some NONSMOKERS have united with the Natives and support their establishments 100% of the time since we are able to exercise freedom of choice and appreciate the opportunity to have a voice after all.

Toward the end of the evening the fans of the band were represented by several nationalities, again it was noisy but so much fun. A few words got construed, so during break times we would tackle one or two. One of the words presented was STUPID.
Stupid according to Webster is defined as follows: Lacking normal intelligence, foolish, Stupid in idea, dull and boring.
Lets see now....

Moving almost all submarines to the same location is lacking normal intelligence!

Trying to arrest and jail/deport ALL illegal aliens is impractical. A person should immigrate legally, pay taxes and have a say in the affairs of our country. However, to think that our countryman/woman would be willing to work for slave-labor in order to keep our country functioning and so much as even attempt to compromise with employers for respect and unreasonable demand like that, is unlikely. To assume anything even close to that would result in business as usual, now that is foolish!

To think is was sooo surprising that Luna, our local whale, would escape injury or death indefinitely by leaving her in a surrounding which threatened her every being on a daily basis, now that was stupid in idea!

To try and sell the same nonexsisting Deep Space Nine Series for less than $300 and not think you would get cought, now that was stupid in idea!
In the mean time I was gifted season 1 & 2. 3 - 9 will fall out of the sky any day now!

I aired a show which contained historical data. It was violent and alarming. I was required to fill out a paper notifying the viewers that this show contained graphic material. When I turned it in I was told the paper was unnecessary since this was no longer graphic and we see dead bodies on TV every day. To turn on the tube and see people die from hunger and get killed in war has, to some, become dull and boring!

Amongst the people which had joined us was a young man. He had NO arms and NO legs below the torso. He was wonderful, so skillful in the way he maneuvered his wheelchair some kind of way, when he danced with each and every one of us. One could see that he was not born like this and only assume that he had lost his limbs in the war. Such a beautiful, precious human being reminding us of the spirit of the human potential!

It was so enjoyable to linger in the 70's and 80's for a while.... the time when we had all of the answers and to the best of our knowledge had at least began to make the world a better place. A song from 2005, we are back in the present.

To me stupid means: to willfully choose not to reason.

When we incarcerate people, regardless of how they got there and refuse after care after major surgery in order to run the risk for them to bleed to death, that is willfully choosing not to reason!

What a night! Only 7 days till Thursday so we can do it again! My throat is sore from having raised my voice. I search my purse for a Tic Tac. I find it about the time my friend wants to know if I have a headache. HEAVENS NO! Stupidity is painful, I could holler 24 hours a day! I am in the NOW, we have not learned a thing and I am looking for my "STUPID PILL!"

Love and light
PS. For details on the prisoner in this horrible predicament please contact me.