Newsletter July 2006

We have done it!!!!! We have given in to the impulse to get excited. We see gas at $2.99 and shout: "That is cheap !!!!"

I pride myself on being a rather informed person, therefore it should not be surprising that I am bombarded with e-mails and my phone stays busy 8-10 hours a day or night depending on what the news contains. A few weeks ago an e-mail reached me several times in which someone predicted a catastrophic earthquake for the North West. As the calls came in I found myself explaining that it is not necessary for me to express an opinion regarding every prediction or prophecy which comes my way.

In 2003 I was on my way to Springfield, MO. The flight route was Seattle, WA - Memphis,TN - Springfield, MO. At one point we were circling over Memphis when the pilot announced over the intercom that he had good news and bad news. Bad news was we were unable to land due to a bad storm raging below us, good news was we had fuel for 2 hours, after which he would have to get back to us. The time period in which we find ourselves at the moment is very much like the holding pattern I found myself in over the Memphis airport that day. No one is in a position to predict the immediate future until the storm calms and the logistics put in motion earlier can be moved into position and completed.

My granddaughter Ebony and I decided to take 3 days to test some of the theories we had. We got into the car and drove 1002 miles to take a look to see if we could prove some of said theories.

Just as we drove through the foothills of MT. St. Helens, the mighty mountain erupted. The steam and ash followed us quite a ways, it reminded us of how small we were compared to the force of nature which was unfolding. We checked for cracks in pavement and any other signs we could think of.

We stopped at the Mary Hill Museum in Maryhill, WA, in order to connect with the spirits present in the building and were not disappointed. Sam Hill is described as a flamboyant seer and dreamer. The Queen of Romania was a friend and frequented his property. Then, and now in spirit. Native American articles were on display along with priceless art from Europe.

Stone Henge was alive with leftover visitors from the night before when like-minded people celebrated the Summer Solstice. We checked on Hot Lake, OR, to check if the water was finally 208° again, like it had been for hundreds of years when it was a gathering place for the tribes and no battles were fought. We noticed over the past 3 years that the steam was absent and knew something was wrong with the sacred place. This time it had steam and we rejoiced!

Hot Lake Sanitarium, now travel attraction/hotel/gift shop was thriving. Contrary to the new owner's denial the Ghost of Hot Lake was present. The piano player, which we had allowed to remain, was rather content, along with his piano, with the smell of fresh perked coffee which he had been so found of. Union Hotel in Union, OR, was as I remembered it, Ebony had never been there before.

We spend the night at the little hotel, where I had had a UFO experience in 2004, and had lunch at the Grand Geyser Hotel in Baker City, OR. We paid our respects to the spirits still present there.

At "Half Point", which was LeGrande, OR, as we edited the footage for the TV Show episode "Etherical Journey", we realized we had neither watched TV nor listened to the news. We decided to continue to do so.

Our way home took us to Umatillo Reservation, along with the leaking nuclear waste. Highway 12 took us to the foothills of Mt. Rainier. We did notice many earthquake related cracks in the road and marveled at the beauty of the scenery. Hyway 12 goes through part of Yakima, WA. The Yakima Reservation is located to the right. After driving for some time we were astounded to realize we had not seen ANY HOUSES in Yakima. The reservation was not there, same held true for migrant workers in the field or Yakima Indians walking anywhere as they almost always do. It is not unusual for me to visit with Yakimas walking several miles to the post office 100 miles south on Highway 14.

Pendleton Pass is one of the most dangerous passes in the country. Trucks have to travel at 18 miles per hour. They have 2 or 3 run off ramps. For this reason I always pray or rather ask Universe to please remove the trucks from behind me. For the third time my request was granted. We filmed and for the third time NO TRUCKS were in the pass as we safely crossed the mountain.

We talked about this in detail and how when we really need something we can ask a higher power to help. We wondered what happened to Yakima, the fact that perhaps we had seen the town in a different time.

When we reached Olympia, WA, and finally settled down to reflect we noticed that the world was still in chaos, the news bad and disturbing, depressing and stressful. We had managed to take 3 days, got off the roller coaster and lived in the NOW.

In October I requested help to obtain a set of Deep Space 9. I was obsessed with the idea of having to watch 7 seasons of the science fiction Star Trek series. Unusual, since I do not like science fiction. I have completed that task and am amazed what I learned. From a film maker's perspective it is brilliant. What I do know is that the writers must have written under divine guidance in order to tell the story. It is timely. It addresses concerns which affect us now. It tells of shape shifters, dual Universes, time not being linear, profits and Prophets. Signs of the time hundreds of years in the future, they tell the story of how we as the human race, created the new times, made strides one step forward and two backwards.

I think every one of us could relate to at least one story line and apply it to ourselves in THIS time. Add the earth changes, corruption in the government, manipulation of events, the weather and technology and we could see our future unfold.

Like Sam Hill was a Seer and a Dreamer, Deep Space 9 can show us how to be the dreamer and the dream at the same time. It can put a visual perspective on how to change time, events and circumstances simply by wishing it.

It can put a visual on our desire for peace when in reality that too is but a dream since each generation created circumstances in which they can experience the good, the bad and the ugly. We fix things only to put them back the way they were.

Science has proven we all have a small amount of reptoid DNA which explains why we are territorial. It does not however explain why humans are so cruel and sadistic.

There might be a chance that one day we can be tolerant of all earthlings since this writer is SURE one day we will have the opportunity to break bread with beings not native to this planet earth.

It brings up another point, which is our behavior at this time. What we often forget is that empires plan long term, sometimes hundreds of years into the future. We are all but pawns in someone's strategic game, it would appear, disposable. Step off the chess board of every day life for a moment, take a look around you and yourself. Nothing changes except yourself. The realization of how important we really ALL are in the big picture of things. It may not be noticeable to others but you will know that you have gained understanding for that moment in time.

Predictions and prophesies will be written and come to pass. Factual information will come our way to re-examine.

Is Reality Really Real?

Be the writer of your own story.

Each millennium holds new hope along with new challenges. From horse and buggy to fast cars to travel in space. We missed the boat in 2000, it is time to think ahead to 3000. We need the planet to remain in one piece, the environment healthy, the food chain intact, our fellow beings in the animal kingdom to still have a home, and trees to sit under and talk about the good old days when gas was $ 2.99. CHEAP!!!!

Love and Light