October Newsletter

Summer has finally taken it`s last breath, put up a rather good fight, one may argue. Reports came from all over the country and Europe for that matter, about a facet of the dance of death never seen before.  On one hand, the harvest in full swing, on the other hand, new growth and blooms all at the same time.  On the same body of vegetation, Walnuts in AZ, Tomatoes in Skagit Valley, Pine trees at the Wynochee River, plums in Europe, even asparagus blooming and ripe for harvest.

One could go as far as to state our present day circumstances, whether  personal or in general, have taken on a metaphysical flavor.  Metaphysics is when we seek answers to anything which cannot be explained in a logical matter.  It is a part of philosophy dedicated to the study of first principle and being...... in plain English.... intelligence and energy should be respected as one main source, functioning independently, yet depending on that one source.

I have been very ill for the past 2 months.  Not able to do anything allowed me to rest my mind, what else can one do, having to lay in bed 20 hours out of the day.

I thought about the Russian psychic Wolf Messing.  He was born in September 1899.  As a teenager he was already speaking up publicly and with that attracted the attention of Albert Einstein, which in turn in 1915 with the help of Sigmund Freud produced impressive results.  By 1937 Hitler put a 200,000 Mark price on Messing's head for predicting he, Hitler, would die if he turned toward the East.

I thought about 2 of the greatest Healers of the 20/21 centuries.  John of God and Credo Mutwa. John of God performs his work in Brazil, he was featured on Date Line and A Visit with a Person of High Strangeness.

Credo Mutwa, in the book Profiles of Healing by Bradford Keeney PH.D. is referred to as one of the worlds most revered healer, shaman, medicine man and leader of complementary medicine.  Mutwa tells of the time when he suffered what he calls the "Shaman Sickness."  A time in his life which brought him to the brink of death.  A time in which he was able to experience a spiritual plateau, which in turn set the pace for his life work from that moment on.

As I am unable to go about my every day life I had several experiences which gave me tremendous clarity about my life and things in general.
I dreamed I was at a hospital.  After a long wait a nurse came and gave me a shot in my shoulder blade, about even with my heart chakra.  She told me not to leave, she was not done with me.  I informed her I had to go to the bathroom.

While in the bathroom I realized I was now in a train.  There was no door allowing me to return to the hospital.  I stepped off the train and found it be in the middle of nowhere, besides I had looked myself out of the train.  I started to walk.  A boy, about 12-13 years old followed me.  He was constantly picking up rocks, throwing them at me.  After a while, I picked up a rock and threw it back at him, rendering him unconscious.  He was light enough for me to pick him up and look for help.

In the distance were 2 cabin type houses.  The one to the left had 2 front doors, the one to the right 1door.  I knocked on the one with the 2 doors, a young woman answered.  I requested help with the still unconscious boy, she obliged.  The man at the house said his name was MR. EARL.  He wanted to know what I intended to do, I stated I wanted to go home.  He showed me a long road and told me I would have to catch the trolley from there to get home.  As I came out of the house I had to come down 4 steps, a platform, 4 steps, a platform and again 4 steps.  As I reached the second platform Mr. EARL attacked me and raped me.  I was very angry and yelled at him that I thought he had picked a hell of a time to assault me.  Not only was I vulnerable, I was sick.  He cried and said he represented all the men which had ever hurt me, so I could finally let go of the anger and guilt.  I said." Whatever!  For right now I forgive you, I want to get home!"

He took me by the hand and started to walk down the road with me.  By now he was very tall, I was very little.  After a while he said:"Look in your pocket."  I reached in my pocket, there was a cell phone.  He said: "You could have called for help at any time. But had you done that you would have missed all of your lessons".  With that Mr. Earl faded and I woke myself up.

The other thing I noticed was that after considering some current affairs it appeared there were many parallels in, not only my personal life, but also in the things going on in the world.  I called several people and asked what they thought, after thinking about it for a day or so, we all agreed this to be the case.  It was also apparent in the predictions for 2007 we filmed on the 19th of September.  It appears that somehow many occurrences were put in motion late 1996-early 1997.  Life on the planet continued, 10 years later, smarter and more enlightened we find ourselves at the cross roads again.  Like we are being reinserted into the space where we exited in 96/97, in order to make changes and different choices.  I felt validated when former President Clinton found himself thrown into the Bin Laden story line.

In the predictions I was advised for us to take a closer look at Florence Nightingale. As we researched this we discovered that in theory almost everything was identical with present times.  The Crimean War in 1851.  France, Russia, Sardinia fighting the Turks and people of the Black Sea, to the amount of 256,000 people getting killed, without the capability of modern weaponry.  War of Christians against Moslems.

The word asinine according to Webster is: foolish and dumb. Follett by Paul. H. Glucksman defines asinine as: totally distasteful, beyond stupit and a donkey's ass.

I have a note on my door instructing to knock hard since I am in bed.  Also to please give me time to get to the door since I am slow, very slow.  A visitor did not get the desired response in the time he allowed.  He saw a phone number on the door of my car and called the UFO HOTLINE in Seattle to inquire where I was..... Bet Peter Davenport was impressed with that phone message, given the fact that this is a time of GREAT activity in the sky, again parallel with 96/97.

With nothing to do except rest, I was given the chance to listen to an interview Amy Goodman did with Evo Morales, president of Bolivia.  I found great comfort in the fact that there are leaders which look at us a COSMIC CITIZENS, much like Dennis Kucinich referred to us as PEOPLE OF THE EARTH.  Combine this with many young writers/producers of recent TV Series and movies it would appear there is a flicker of hope somewhere.

The journey of the Shaman Sickness is priceless, I am grateful for the opportunity to have the experience. Just as summer put on a gracious struggle, on one hand, the harvest in full swing, on the other hand, new growth and blooms all at the same time, I feel there will be new beginnings, all but a brush of memory of the past.

Love and Light

PS  A new TV show called Heroes is worth taking a look at.