Newsletter March 2007

It has been a long night.  When the History or Weather Channel run 24 hour marathons, some of us exercised little or no restraint in just how long we sit in front of the "TELY". It takes me back to the 1960's when television changed from black and white to color, not only that, at least 1 station bypassed the National Anthem and the color bars at midnight.  It just kept playing old movies and "I love Lucy".  We just kept watching. Time to get up and send the kids to school, angry at ourselves for having struggled another sleepless night just so we would not miss anything.  Remember?   Well, lots has changed since then, we have VHS tapes, DVD recorders and On Demand TV.  I, for one, will still sit through a night of programs just so I can hate myself in the morning, like I did so long ago.

The Weather Channel presented a series of natural disaster shows, past, present and future.  At one point the narriator said:" People were walking on the beach, some sat in fancy dining rooms to have breakfast, some slept in.  Unbeknownst to them on the other side of the Island a Tsunami was heading their way and change this Island and many lives within a the next few minutes."  For the past 4 years torward the end of February I feel rather unsettled.  My mind goes back to the week before the Feb.28th 2001 6.8 Nisqually Earthquake. We went about our lives, were merry, made plans and had no clue what was about to happen to us only a few days later.  We missed all of the signs, the tide running backwards, the strange sensations/moods we experienced, the need for comfort food which escalated to the point the small MOM and POP stores running out of M&M's.

February was a bizarre month even this year, on the 5th anniversary.  Some buildings in Olympia are still under repair and there is the Viaduct in Seattle.  Government agencies are still fighting about decisions, which have to be made as to how to replace the structure before the next wave of disaster kills everybody on or near the monstrous structure.

The definition of DISTORT according to Webster is: bend, contort, deface, deform, falsify, mangle, slant and pervert.
The definition of DISTORT according to Follette by Glucksman is: to tear in a jagged line, to turn counter clockwise, to pull beyond recognicion.

For 41 years I have faithfully watched the STATE OF THE UNION.  Felt it was my patriotic duty not only to do so, but also made arrangements to make it possible to find a TV set somewhere in the middle of nowhere, if I was on the road.  One can learn a lot from the STATE of the Union, look back on the year and feel rather proud of the accomplishments of our Nation.  Not so this year, one was unable to get a STATE or report, it was predictions as to what we were going to do. 

At a local bank 2 birds flew or rather crashed into the main window of the bank branch, needless to say, they....the birds.... were dead.

Most of us have managed to pay the outrageous Power bills we were presented with, including payment for some without power for up to 10 days. Not one volt running through the downed power lines from the storm.

Moles did not hibernate; they were busy digging up trees and building roads through everyone's yards and fields.

Bears along with their cubs woke up early.  They showed up in several neighborhoods to seek food, they found it in the backyards of houses.  One bear climbed a tree, went back to snooze and fell out of the tree.  He made news all around the world.

UFO reports came over the airwaves almost nightly for a spell.  The ability to take videos with mini camcorders and cell phones is great.  People were generously sharing the footage with the news media.  The "Phoenix Lights" reappeared on film.  A statement was issued that " FLARES" were launched from Lukas Air Force Base, which created the spectacle in the skies.  I had recorded the news and was able, with help of my TV equipment, to overlay the original "PHOENIX LIGHTS" with the news footage.  They were one and the same, not similar, the same.

We re-aired a show produced in 2003.  "All is well!"  It was an interview with David Montgomery, Author of: The New World Government Exposed.  ISBN 0-9702123-0-5.  It covered the Clinton Era.  It became apparent the information in the book and the interview gave much information pertaining present day rather than the past.

A Child Rape suspect was cleared due to DNA evidence.  The mentally disturbed young man remains in a mental health facility.  When arrested it was discovered he had build a very sophisticated underground bunker.  It had stove, windows, furniture and toilet.  The question becomes how was he able to install numerous 4 by 8 plywood boards along with concrete work below ground without being seen. In a public park at that! One could also wonder what would send a 22- year old into the survival mode to such an extend.  What is the definition of Survivalist amongst the youth?

Search for a new suspect has begun; the sketches between the two are as different as day and night.  One could wonder about that somehow. 

The same time all of this unfolded Amy Goodman aired a telephone interview from prison she had with a Palestinian Professor from Florida in which he explained that despite his acquittal on all charges he remains in prison.  It was at that time I realized that "OMAR" in my book: And the Moral of the story is...(free download from this website).... page 36-39...... must have been the test case and poster child for things to come after 911.

Half- plane-half- helicopters are flying over the neighborhood and land at the local airport.

Vice President Cheney said in an interview conducted in Australia Feb.24th, he was a good President.

I had an appointment at 8:30AM.  About 8:50AM a Lady realized everyone had been seen except me.  She apologized for the error.  I told her it was quite all right; I was not in a hurryand in fact the delay might have saved me from something.  I left the building at 9:05AM.  Still rush hour…. I manage to merge into the main street.  A Lady in a white Cadillac had attempted to cross a 7-lane highway at 8:55AM.  She managed to total 4 cars in her path.

After having misplaced major footage I finally got to the studio to edit a 14-week series.  One of the problems I thought I had discovered was the footage was very restless.  The technicians examined the footage and arrived at the conclusion that the restlessness was NOT a technical clitch but rather a distortion of some kind, in as much I, the person in the front and the clouds in the sky were at a total standstill.  The trees in the background were moving from left to right and the buildings along with the ground was moving from right to left.  We decided to use the footage as is and attribute it to a paranormal occurrence.

Prior to arriving at the studio we noticed a 3-hour discrepancy between the time on the cell phone and the actual time.  In 2003 we shared footage with the viewers of 3 cell phones, a TV and a clock all displaying different times, within 1 hour and 6 minutes in discrepancy.  On November 19th 2006 we filmed a cell phone showing 12:16 AM January 2001.  We also shared this with the viewing audience.

Almost DAILY a station will report someone driving a car or SUV or truck into a building.  I would assume, when seconds before a wreck one realizes what is about to happen, one would INSTINCTIVELY choose to collide with the lesser of two.  Daily, people drive into buildings, which makes one wonder what exactly is it they perceive in lieu of the building.

Permission was given for the Navy to again experiment with Sonar off the Coast.  Dolphins and Sea- lions are patrolling our borders.

Besides Global warming and weather inconsistencies one could wonder if by chance we are experiencing a time distortion, if only by a fraction of a second.  Reports come from all over; people feel "OUT OF SORTS."  This condition does not appear to be regional, but rather everywhere. At one time it was only felt by Sensitive; it now appears to affect the regular person.  By looking at the events of the past month one could conclude everything we do is distorted.  Thought, speech, opinions, one could go right down the line.

A friend opened a can of Salmon only to discover it was a can of water-chestnuts, we thought it was a good time to kick up our feet and get back to watching old movies.  Did you know that "I love Lucy" had been beamed into space so long ago and it is still traveling between the stars?  It was suppose to portray life on Earth, how I hope the latest Space Vacationer finds it so we can update our image.....aaaaaah, maybe not!

Love and Light

PS.  Please notice the Goggle adds.  We have updated Pay Pal.  If you would like to help with our TV projects please feel free to do so.  Our financial help has also fallen victim to distortion and is a fraction of a second off. I am feeling better and am available for readings.