Newsletter - April 2006

As I was in the process of retrieving my Granddaughter from her class at the Fire Station, the thought hit me to finally go inside and see where she has been spending all of her time since the school year started. The place is not accessible by bus, we have to hand-carry her 60 miles round-trip each day, which in turn makes us gasp each time we push the button on the gas pump. While there I noticed a paper, it caught my eye because it mentioned E-publishing and filing. It was of great interest to me since AGAIN, my computer crashed and of course send me in a spin.

Evidently, according to the founder of Project Gutenberg, the intent is to put every book in the public domain online so people can download them for free. As an Author myself I have no objections to such a plan, when I wrote the books I intended them for people to read, enjoy and maybe even learn something from them. Unfortunately it has been my experience that WHEN, not IF, WHEN the computer crashes there is a good chance all files are lost or a little micro scratch on one of my disks will prevent any further use. My backups are in a different program, well, you get the picture..... I am still looking for a child to recover files for me, since children are much smarter in the PC department than I will ever be. So when the director of the Hunting Library disagrees with experts who say printed books are dead, I was glad to hear this, especially since hard copies were the only way to retrieve any of my research. Bet some people, which find themselves in the middle of the current scandals, wish E-mails would not exist. Aside from the fact they are traceable and therefore put them in a position they neither anticipated nor realized it could, in fact, tumble the very structure of this country.

I was twelve when I was given a book, actually it was a dictionary, by an American Soldier riding the same bus each day. I brought it, the dictionary, with me to the United States in 1966. It survived fire, earthquake and flood. When I pick it up it still smells as it did so long ago. The scent can transport my mind in time and pull up old memories. The tanks driving patrol, GI's from several countries, old war widows rushing to the store, wearing dark scarves, clutching their shopping baskets close to their bodies to protect the fresh baked bread they had just acquired. I can hear the sound that the horses made on the copple stone streets as they pulled hay or what ever other goods they carried on their wagons. Growing up under Occupation....excuse me.... Liberation.... was a way of life. Often wonder how long it will take before the average person recognizes the similarities between the 40's 50's and now.

Apropos dictionary. The word for April is: Draconian.
According to Random House Dictionary of the English Language it means: Pertaining to or correctoristic of Draco or his code of laws. Draco, late 7th century BC Athenian Statesman, modeled after his severe code of laws.

According to Follette by Glucksman it means: Alien in cruelty, unearthly evil and lacking human compassion of any kind.

The stringency of his, DRACO, legal code gave rise to the modern English word.. Draconian.. meaning marked by extremes, severity or cruelty, especially about laws or governments.
Sample quotes: Emancipation at the prize of a ruinous war and a draconian peace. By draconian labor laws the regime makes life harder than it need be. The threat could never be eliminated unless he were empowered to take draconian punitive measures.

I became rather acquainted with Federal Law in the mid 90's and shortly after familiar with FIJA: Fully Informed Jury Association. It is for that reason I have an interest in many subjects Amy Goodman from Democracy Now covers each day. It helps me understand... I must be kidding, since it confuses me since parts of the constitution is what seems to be renamed and no longer applies..... who does what and why. Well, the WHY is rather debatable. I had the opportunity to witness Justice on a State/Local level and must say I am more confused than ever.

It is a known fact that we have in excess of 2-million laws on the books.... printed or electronic. Therefore it is not surprising to have over crowded jails and prisons since any one of us could find ourselves behind bars for some infraction at any given time. What surprised me was the fact that MANY, especially young people, were incarcerated because of drug USE. Some of us are under the impression drug users have a problem which requires our help and attention. Few of us know that many are in jail due to the fact they are unable to control their addiction.

It is sad when a Public Defender does not know the name of a client before appearing in front of the Judge and one's life is a routine, played out numerous times a day. Often we forget that it is the young people which ultimately become the mainstream population at some point and continue the very existence of the Nation. Suppose many have a shaded past, how will this effect future life, given the fact that some people in power, present day, have no regard for the law or constitution whatsoever.

I will have the chance to converse with Dennis Kucinich on March 30th. He requested on Amy Goodman show for people to go to his website and submit their opinions on a number of issues. www.kucinich.US.

I got a call from Europe to tell me about a news broadcast they had heard. It dealt with the fact that bees in the USA are in danger of extinction. It also explained the impact such an event has on the Ecosystem. Because I am allergic to bees I never had any desire to inquire about bees. Bees are essential to life. They gather and pollinate and are considered the busiest of all insects..... therefore the saying busy as a bee.... Without them no fruit and/or flowers would blossom. They gather honey, a basic food for us to eat. Bears are also dependent, for a large part, on the existence of bees. Bees build their nests under the ground, with that help turn over the soil, assisting earthworms in the process. The have a most organized community with Queen, drones and workers.

Contrary to opinion of some it appears that civilized as we would like to appear, the world still participates in a cast system, whether by culture, ethnic groups and most recently economics. It does not require a Ph.D. to see we are having serious problems by "CASTING" about everything. Surprisingly young people congregated at street corners understand most of said concept. We too, were worker bees at one point in theory, only to think we could advance into a higher position. It would appear some did, yet some forgot the importance of the communal structure forgetting there is but ONE Queen Bee.

We can attempt to replace written word with electronics and therefor depriving ourselves the pleasure of reading a book by flashlight.
We can pretend ignorance as to the legal atrocities committed toward our fellow men.
We can shrub our responsibility of electing qualified leaders.
We can elect to keep a superior attitude about people in need..... most of us at the moment, yoked by a system which makes it hard to provide for basic needs such as food, shelter, medical assistance.
We can dismiss claims of injustice foreign or domestic.
We can pretend all is well in the world, we are an evolving spices after all, when in fact at closer examination it would appear we are sliding backwards.

Spring is here for some of us, a time to rejoice, a time to be grateful we survived another winter.

If you have ever thought it is possible to make Potato Balls in the Microwave, forget it! It cannot be done!

Love and Light