Lilians' May Newsletter

Assuming Hell is an imaginary place, as far as I know no-one has ever been there and came back to report, over the hill and through the woods to grandmothers house we go.

"Who's there"?
"Just me, looking for a sanctuary for a bit."
"Come sit and tell grandma all about it."

April was a horrendous month. When adding up all of the small occurrences it amounted to a sizable heap.

Some of us had monitored 500-600 mile deep earthquakes in the Pacific region for several months. We thought that anything so deep that it appeared to take place at the almost center of the earth could only be totally devastating, eventually. When the eventually came, it was in form of killer earthquakes, a Tsunami followed almost simultaneously. The earth movement took place 6 miles deep on the ocean floor. It appeared it had worked it's way from the earth core to the surface in a very short time. That happened on the other end of the world one might say. Not if you live there and it happens to you. On April 27 I decided to follow the sound of strange "POPS." I discovered 23 cans of food with broken seals. This is possible when there is pressure radiating from the ground below. I witnessed such a scenario before and during the Nisqually Quake in 2001.

The Olympia City Council voted to build the new City Hall 1 foot higher as originally planned, they are expecting the water in Bud Inlet to rise.

The news showed a segment in which they explained that when massive solar flares come towards the earth, the radiation they create makes sounds. I reminded the viewers that we had played similar audio tapes for them starting in 1998. Bill Ramsey has recorded sound in the Universe/Space for decades. Mercury, Pleiadies and Venus became familiar sounds. Some say it sounds like music, Sensitives like myself have problems with some of the high/low frequency.

A report came out showing that the Earth had experienced several time discrepancies, between 8 and 12 minutes at times., Some people are very affected by this. It is not age/gender oriented, some of us just feel like we are neither here nor there, what ever that means, it appears a definite description is somewhat impossible.

Pictures of a new planet, similar to Earth, were breath-taking. Possibilities of life on other planets were openly acknowledged. It was determined the temperature on this other earth, outside of our solar system, was between 34 and 104 degrees. It takes 13 days to orbit a red dwarf........ That would make Grandmother VERY, VERY old. Should keep that under my hat.

Spaceport America launched a rocket from the New Mexico desert. On board were the ashes of Star Trek's SCOTTY and those of an American Astronaut. Martha Steward's boyfriend vacationing in outer space. And than there was the great Steven Hawking having fun in a weightless atmosphere. He had a big smile on his face, I cannot imagine what his life is like, his genius and brilliants accompanied by almost impossible challenges. To see him float was a sight I will not soon forget, if ever.......

The Academy Awards brought Global Warming home. I remember thinking how many years we have talked about Earth Changes, what we can do to help Mother Earth give birth. I have been in AWE at some that think this might be a great thing, the world will flip on a dime, there will be no consequences for the people on the planet Earth. I find it appropriate that our Ex-Vice President made it possible for everyone to watch a DVD in order to grasp what is in store for us. I am glad he found his calling. A politician would have never reached such an amount of people.

Some people are buying CO2's, Carbon credits, to balance their part in the creation of pollution. It reminded me how the teacher explained to us in history class, when the church sold vouchers to avoid spending time in Purgatory. Martin Luther came along and reformed part of the religious system. I wonder if they ever got a refund?

Everything organic is the current trend and the word itself is somewhat misrepresented. No matter how "organic" the soil, once modified seeds are planted the story changes.

Dennis Kucinich visited with some of us, actually it started out with a small crowd which grew into close to 300 before it was said and done. Saturday, March 31.2007.
As always his talk was outstanding and TRUTHFUL.

Calls for Impeachment were made and since than adopted by at least 1 State. Motion has been filed by Mr. Kucinich for impeachment of Dick Cheney.

I filmed the event for my show. I managed to get several still photos of Dennis and his wife Elisabeth in which one can see the true essence of them. We are hoping to have the unedited complete talk on the website in the near future.

Speaking of essence. We all followed the story on the School shooting at Virginia Tech. So many stories on so many levels. What impressed me was the interview with the Lebanese father in which he stated he had absorbed his daughters essence. Also the fact that Representatives of the Korean Government came to apologize for one of it's Citizens. The fact that the young man was mentally ill was beside the point for them. Each day the killing scene is played out somewhere in the world. Each day lives are lost. Each day grief is equally traumatic for the survivors and the families. I hope one day countries and administrations will apologize for their citizens.

The MINUTE MEN have taken their place at the borders.

Packages are opened by Customs. Please enclose an explanation as to home made DVD's and Videos when sending over seas. They will be delayed or confiscated and looked at in order to determine if any copy rights have been violated.

Double check your power bills. Errors of up to $300 are common. I know of single mothers with 6-8 children which not only had problems with their electric bills, they were threatened with disconnection unless they paid $ 800-$900 in additional deposits because they were late paying outrages power bills thru-out this terrible winter of 2006/2007. It was one of the cruelest winters in human behavior in my lifetime. Contrary to the knowledge of the average person in reference to the economy, the stock market is rising rampantly. This was predicted for 2007 along with the political changes/scandals and rogueries. The food contamination predicted for July is in the beginning stages when it affected the Pet Food. It is NOT July yet.

"Are you still with me Grandma"?
"Oh yeah. I have seen almost a century of living. My head is spinning, everything is going to fast. It's going to hell in a hand basket. Can you tell me anything good"?
"Absolutely! I love the fashions. The cork shoes. The colorful suits for the men. The shirts in pinks, yellows and purples. The skirts that float like chiffon when you walk, The dresses that look like one is a young girl again. The cargo slacks which allow you to leave your purse at home. The belly jewelry and the long earrings. The freedom of expression which comes along with the way we dress. The elusion we are in control of our daily life. I love the Fashions"!

The word for May is: accentuate.
According to Webster it means: emphasize, exaggerate, heighten, intensify, stress and underline.

According to Follette by Glucksman: add accent, play up, loosen your gas petal and clear pronunciation.

The editorial: IS THERE A DOCTOR IN THE "HOUSE"? generated a great response. Here is the up date:
I agreed to one more test at the local hospital. One last attempt to get a diagnosis. My friend Cherie went with me. The nurse informed us they had to extract fluids along with a biopsy and pictures from inside of my knee..... not the leg which is my complaint as a source of the pain. I notified her I was allergic to her medicine. The Doctor agreed to work with me when I told him I was capable of leaving my body during the procedure. I did just that, only when he accidentally hit a bone did I jerk back to the present, momentarily. It was only after I sat in front of the hospital door smoking a cigarette that I fully regained consciousness. I was told it was a life changing experience for the doctor, especially since the time frame of which we speak was in excess of an hour.
The trust level achieved between the doctor and myself was incredible. He trusted me and what I told him when he put a hebron lock inside of my knee cap without as much as an aspirin.
When I came out of it all the way I remembered being at a place which was all orange. I still do not have any pain pills. It is tempting not to return to that place of no pain and total peace, only that would mean I have to leave this world all together. Like grandma, I want to see the world unfold at this insane speed. The word accentuate is so appropriate.

  • I want to loosen my gas pedal and go forward.
  • I want to see what Dennis does next and attend his and Elisabeth's 9/10 Forum.
  • I want to see who else travels into space.
  • I want to see Steven Hawking to float again.
  • I want to see the wars end, the tears quit flowing.
  • I want to see the Power companies get sued for being so cruel.
  • I want to eat good food, without poison.
  • I want to see who is qualified to heal our country.
  • I want to see how long before the stock market realizes it's errors.
  • I want to see what Jessica Lynch chooses to do with her life. In 2003 we aired a show in which we quoted an E-mail from one of her fellow soldiers in which he told how Jessica got hurt and ended up where she did.
  • I want to see if I can overcome my painful existence and go on the road and do my work, I would be happy to be able to lift my leg high enough to step up onto a sidewalk!

"So did you go back to the doctor"?
"I did Grandma, he said he was unable to prescribe any pain medicine. All tests are normal. He suggested I had CONFUSION DISORDER. I should look it up on the Internet. No Medicine, no cure.
"Better hurry back to Hell, especially now that you have C. D. and you are so S.O.L"!

Love and Light