Lilian's Newsletter June 2007

Murphy's Law had paid me a visit earlier in the year, or was it the year before? As brief as the actual visit was, the fallout from the "DOP-IN-GUEST" still lingers. Equipment failure, PAIN.... 9 on a scale from 1-10 for almost 10 months and ongoing.... sponors changing plans, including the Good Guys, my main backer, nightmarish light bills, rent increase, gas prices and lets not forget I even had to delay paying a USA Today subscription I carried for 15 years for Omar in prison, his only lifeline to the outside world, besides the letters family and friends are still sending after all these years of his unjust imprisonment.

My granddaughter Ebony offered to come and help me catch up on some work, I had fallen so far behind on. The 14 ROADRUNNER travel shows, which took me 15 months to finish, were unfit for airing since I was unaware of a sound problem, which made my version of the shows incompatible with the equipment at TCTV.

Please think back to the last time you had an uninvited guest. Marks on the carpet, shrunken pullovers from the time your guest "helped" with the laundry without consulting you. Half open, stale cereal boxes in the refrigerator, along with, by now, sour milk hidden next to said box. Remands of shoe polish left on your good wash-rags, well, you get the picture. Ebony and I spend 26 hours sorting through the constant reminders of Murphy's Law.

Trepus Demolition from Bellevue, Washington, Builders Reality of Olympia and Digital CogniSense of Grand Junction, CO had sponsored last years trip, in fact one of the sponsors traveled with me and learned to become one of the acting camera persons. By having to repair the 14 shows at THIS time, Ebony and I discovered a few interesting facts. The word rhetoric entered our conversation several times.

Rhetoric according to The New Webster dictionary is: skill in effective writing and speaking, insincere language.

According to Follette by Gluckman it means: questions asked for effect, rather than to expect an answer.

Ebony and I compared circumstances, places and occurrences of the back-road-trip to California in 2006 to present and discovered some similarities, mostly it made us realize how far we have come in a little more than a year. A grasshopper has the ability to jump up and forward, never sideways or backwards. I like for you to know GRASSHOPPERS we were NOT! Some things and/or attitudes are barely recognizable!

The trip covered a time period of 13 days and 3000 miles. Being on the move changed location and areas covered. We took a look at the month of May as we observed it from the same location, namely my house.

I was barely able to walk, so much of the following came from TV, reports from Viewers and friends from all around the country.

Soul Train with Don Cornilius has found it's way into syndication and airs in the early hours on Sunday. Some of us tape it since it brings back found memories of our youth and still puts a smile on our face, even a far away look with momentary memories, as to how we wanted to change the world.......

The other thing which is VERY noticeable is the size of people representing that era. We were 90% small and slim.

We researched movies from said time period, in order to determine if the weight applies ONLY to the dancers on Soul Train or if by chance it is also noticeable in the footage of the movies showing the main population. It DOES!

We decided it was after much of our food became genetically engineered we ALL added weight. Men, woman and children. This reverses the percentage, with 10% small and slim. If that much..... this is an unscientific option..... As it often happens, the responsibility of a mishap is shifted and the burden put on the population in order to make it appear we fight a loosing battle, because we lack the will power to take care of our own bodies.

Larry King celebrated his 50th anniversary as a talk show host. He gave an interview in which he recalled his career. I was impressed, especially since he does not script his interviews and allows his guests the freedom to express their opinions. It is easy to assume that Everyone .....except yours truly of course..... is being railroaded into the rhetoric of the times and stifles their opinions according to the times we live in! I forgot Rosie O'Donnell, she does a fine job. Independent Media was added into the new Military Handbook. It lists what people to look out for, next to the enemy, of course, which will change multiple times by definition before said handbook becomes out-dated and revised again.

Randy Shaw of the Clique got his place in the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame. I was happy for him, I thought he was way too humble about the whole thing, so I shouted loud enough for both of us, especially since my Viewers are familiar with Randy Shaw. He wrote hours of music for my show: A Visit With A Person of High Strangeness. Including, the by now, very popular closing song: Lilian, MS Lilian.

The 1st Gershwin Award went to the great Paul Simon. For us who know him, we think it was the perfect choice, considering Paul's contribution to the world! Sound has the ability to levitate.... Literally.... If we were all to make our voices heard, imagine how powerful we could be. A new form of music, we could call it: JERICHO.

The meteorite, which was housed at the museum in Greensboro, survived the deadly Tornado. Hopefully the survivors recover at a more acceptable timeframe than the Katrina Survivors, which seem all but forgotten. They still need help in so many capacities.

Kenya declined food aid according to ODE magazine. In the May 2006 issue on page 11 it states that the Kenyan government, facing famine in parts of the country, reacted with disgust to a donation of dehydrated powder from a New Zealand dog-food manufacturer. Despite claims that the dry food is nutritious for humans, many Kenyans were insulted by the offer. Mighty Mix dog food agreed to donate 42 tons of powder. Kenya's government said the aid would rob people of their dignity. Dog Food for people...... sad that it has come to that, even IF the Dog food people offered to pick up the slack from food manufactures......

Friend living roughly 42 miles inland from the open Pacific Ocean were drilling a new well. They hit SALTWATER!

In some parts of the South Sound area in Washington State we experienced rain which evaporated before it hits the ground.

Most or all of the South American Countries are planning to pull their money out of the World Bank. This falls into line with some of the predictions aired by us for 2007. We are in the process of listing said predictions, please check previous years for accuracy, already posted.

For Baby Boomers applying for Social Security... please note... it takes about 10 months to receive your check, please apply in time so your income will not be interrupted, Disability benefits have a time frame of about 18 months, on average.

A local school bus hit a parked car. It was not reported to the parents by the school district. Children panicked and jumped out of the bus windows. Only when a parent reported it to the news media was anything said about it. Kids are smart in 2007...... THEY TELL....

Several species, it has been reported, at present are giving birth to offspring's without the aid of a male partner. According to Dr. Rupert Sheldrake there appears to be a morphic resonance which may enable one member of a species to learn knowledge passed through metaphysical means. - See links.

The war on drugs has escalated, it was said it has now spilled over into Border towns in Arizona, as well as New Mexico, does that mean it is now a Conflict rather than a War???

For those of you familiar with my book: And the Moral of the Story is... one person at a time. As you know I have had many, lets say ... unusual ... experiences at the Washeteria. I was far from being heartbroken when the wash-maschine and the dryer broke ... thanks to Murphy's Law. Doing laundry in a public place enables me to meet and talk to people. Last week I had a good day, pain wise, so I tackled the laundry. Surprisingly I was the only person at the place that evening. All stores in the Strip Mall had closed for the night. Ever so often a Pick-Up full of young people stopped, peeping in the door. Some greeted me in foreign languages, others came in SUV's dressed like Rappers inquiring "YO, WHAT'S UP?" After I got home I thought how grateful I am to know some of the world is all right for the most part. Not everyone buys into the casting, stereotyping and paranoia we are almost expected to fall into. It was a good experience to mingle with strangers, alone and in the middle of nowhere.

As we, Ebony and I, wrapped up the shows we had gotten a sense of what was then...2006... and what is now...2007.

Gas is almost the same, we paid up to $4.23 in April 2006 in CA. The cost of Hotels for 2 people has increased. Food for 2 people has almost doubled. The price of a new battery for the main camera is $65.00. Tapes for cameras remained the same, cleaners on the other hand have gotten more expensive.

The tire with the puncture hole could not assure me that it would not succumb to a fatal illness on the way.

We are set for coffee and tea, Starbucks was pleased with us. The Artisan well in town was also generous and allowed us to take an unlimited supply of water.

We have an ample supply of Skin So Soft left over from last year, it will keep the bugs at bay.

Murphy's Law left no forwarding address. We inquired if he kept in touch on Myspace. Heavens no! He said he likes his privacy, with all of the identity thefts he was unsure if he wanted people to know what he looks like.

He had accidentally left his UNIVERSAL I.D.Card. Unfortunately I do not know where to send it. At best I can stop in the little towns along the way and inquire if anyone has seen him. OR, maybe I can make you aware of his looks, so you will recognize the pesty man and refuse him entry, should he become visible in your neck of the woods. I WILL. Providing I can even pull off the yearly trip across the country. Unable to lift my leg high enough to get into the RV NESHONI, when you see a red Toyota T>O>H>S with a fancy walker in the back, feel free to stop me and talk for a while. If I holler "OUCH" while getting out of the car, please know I am on our trip, the labor of love trip and I can hurt anywhere. There may even be a responsible Doctor out there which is willing to help.

Brainless ME..... I should have asked Murphy about his immigration status........

If you would like to make Murphy's Law really angry and decide to help me with our journey...1 camera person and myself... please feel free to do so.

Love and Light

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Lacey WA. 98501