Lilian's April Newsletter

Some 40 years ago a Lady named Shirley Bassie released a song: THE NAME GAME. If memory serves me right it went something like this: Shirley, Shirley, Boberley, Bananafana, Fo-Ferley, Fi-Fy-Fo Shirley. The object of the song was to change the first letter on each word, which turned each word into something else. The possibilities were endless. It was fun to sing along with anyone, regardless if we sang the same variation of the same word. It even sounded silly at times, yet, young/old, male/female we pretended to sing in UNISON.

According to Webster the word TYPICAL means: representative or conforming to some type.
According to Follette by Gluckman TYPICAL means: categoristic or visualizing a certain mental picture or assumed person, group or outcome of expectation.


March was all of the obove.
The weather was monstrous across our land and around the globe. Fruit from South America almost non-excisting due to floods in their region. Bananas were scares and $1.10 per pound because of the shortage.

The 5th anniversary of the Iraq invasion was named Shock and AWE. It coincided with the death of the 4,000 American soldiers. Unfortunately the death toll of the Iraqis people appears to be unknown to the American people, along with the loss of the many lost due to war, conflict, riots, illness and starvation in the remaining parts of the world.

Ridiculous in our obsession... arched on in part by Lou Dobbs at CNN... about illegal immigration. Because of the pressure to revise laws on LEGAL foreign work Visas, the numbers of needed workers for the Circus Industry has been restricted. Unable to find local and American workers most Circuses will no longer able to pitch their Big Top in order to entertain us. Imagine a world without the Circus! It is a travesty not to be able to share this age-old tradition with our children and grandchildren. Attending a performance at the Circus is something almost all people of all nations can identify with, one of the few things we have in common world wide. What is to become of the artists, performers and animals? A whole segment of population to fall victim to misplaced ridiculous rules and laws.

March was hellacious inasmuch people struggled for the bare necessities to survive the winter. Economically many did not have the means to heat their homes, buy food. Many friend were ill, unable to seek medical help because they have neither medical insurance nor money to see a doctor or buy much needed medications. Many were unable to buy the traditional new clothes for the holiday. When unable to locate PEEPS... little marshmallow chickens and rabbits... we inquired why it was so complicated to locate PEEPS. We were told by truckers transporting groceries that many items were unable to get to market because of the high gas prices.

The History Channel aired a program: How the Earth was made. It can be viewed on It explained the movement of the earth mass from the original continent Rodenia to the present-day freshwater swamp Okefenokee in Georgia. It showed the geological evolution of the earth, how the land-mass moves about one inch per year. Mountains result as a crushing of sea-land as can be seen at the Great Matterhorn, where the tip of the European Mountain is actually part of the African plate which crashed into the rising plates of the Alps.

100 miles below the earth diamond bearing magma thrown up at super-eruptions. Kilauea still changing the routes of shorelines and the shape of islands.

Each year I spend time in Canyon DeChelle, each year the floor of the Canyon looks different, having gained or lost a couple of inches of soil from the floods which create new routes of temporary riverbeds and new crevices yet to be explored never seen the year before.

The Grand Canyon was deliberately flooded by the Colorado River to reestablish an ecosystem necessary for live to continue to flourish in the marvel we are able to witness in modern day. A glimpse of the beauty within our own country. Imagine the changes and the breathtaking natural changes occurring everywhere on this planet we call home. Enormous changes at the South Pole, unknown how this event impacts us as the PEOPLE OF THE PLANET EARTH.

10,000 years ago was another program aired on the History Channel. It can also be viewed at

This documentary deals with mankind over a period of several thousand years. It shows how, when necessary, tribes relocated, especially when it became apparent climate or food supply could no longer sustain a people. Intermarriage was occasionally required to genetically further the survival of certain tribes and groups of Earth Inhabitants of the HUMAN species.

The Spaceshuttle Endeavor landed safely, a rare night landing. Imagine yourself having studied and worked all of your life to work and live in space. Looking out of the porthole of the space station must be a sight! The fact that we have accomplished the task of being able to spend time in space, a far cry from living in caves just 6,000 years ago! There is our beautiful planet, EARTH, what a sight! As far as we know it is a one-of-a-kind!

Imagine also what it must feel like to, after a short while, make the return trip at tremendous speed, to our home. As we approach the planted gets larger and larger, we can identify the oceans and the continents. The poles which are breath taking, appearing smaller with each time we do return to Earth. Weather systems, smoke from fires and pollution become recognizable. What is NOT visible is borders we have created for ourselves. It is true that we... Humans... share a mini gene of reptile origin, located where our skull ends and the neck begins...which makes us territorial. There has been TRIBE amongst us since the beginning of time. Casts, Nationalities followed, Dogma of religion and different ways of lifestyles followed. Men have died to prove that we are equal. We are and rightfully so. Even though we differ in appearance we have two arms, two legs, the same organs, red blood. Our productive organs operate the same. We feel pain, get sick and experience the same emotions. We have the same basic need. Food, shelter, the sense of belonging... TRIBE.
One of the things I have tried to accomplish with my television Show: A VISIT WITH A PERSON OF HIGH STRANGENESS is to add education and diversity. In fact my Mission Statement reads in part ... oh well, let me give it to you in it's entirety...

T.O.H.S was established to benefit Mother Earth, Human kind and all our relations, earthly and non-earthly. Our goal is to help all who wish it to reconnect with the Creator, Mother Earth and the Cosmic powers of life. T.O.H.S does not follow a conventional road, however. It is NON-DENOMINATIONAL, NONJUDGMENTAL and OPEN-MINDED.

We believe that we are Stewars of this great planet, NOT her masters. We owe this biosphere our respect and our love. It is time to bring all our brothers and sisters of ALL orgins, creeds and races together to evoke the cosmic law of love in progress. To this end we dedicate our path and unite in this common goal. We stand for the differences which we ALL have in common, for it's those differences that make us unique and mysterious. Many believe that earth changes are occurring now with yet more to come. There are steps that we can take to help ease what could be and may change things all together. To all our relations we ask the Creator to bless your journey and bring you peace in the dreamtime.

I have brought many people of different ethnic background, believe systems and geographical locations worldwide to my stage and discussed the differences which make us unique, Shared ideas and possible solutions.

There is a documentary The Color of Fear. It was produced by the Baha'i. It shows our prejudice are often mistaken for entitlement issues. One people fells entitled to everything, by birthright or some unfortunate idea that is how it should be because that is what was told to them.

It has to be said that prejudice are wide spread. When I brought this subject up to my friend Carrie Houston...She was the first FEMALE combat helicopter pilot in the US Army. She related prejudice to gender rather than race. She is Caucasian.

A newscaster noted Viagra had a birthday and with that opened dialog for Erectile Dysfunction. He also noted it would be great to locate a pill to open dialog for Election Dysfunction. Speaking of pills... Take a brand-name medicine. delude it and make it generic. Generic will work for you for a time. It more often than not looses potency and the desired result. It might be cheeper and all we can afford, but in the long run brand-name pills are far more beneficial. It is the same with people. We all like to be BRAND-NAME, we do not wish to be generic people.

I am from a multi-cultural, multi-racial, multi-national family. No two members of my family share the same faith and believe system. We are all equal without having to be the same.
I remember segregated Military Bases in Europe. I remember coming to the USA having to fill out papers as to my racial background. Since than we are required ... voluntarily ... to state race and ethnic background each time we fill out official forms.

Black, Hispanic, Latino, Native American... list tribe... Sub-Saharaian, North African, Asian, Pacific Islander...specify... Other...specify.

A couple of years ago an attempt was made to officially segregate people in prison. A problem occurred when it was discovered some Latinos were of African decent and fit neither in the Afro American nor Latino category. Therefore the project was abandoned.

I read the works of TERTULLION and JOSEPHAS. Both Historians wrote about the same time period. Each looked at the story from a different perspective and it was interesting to cross reference the accounts. Some were the same and others totally opposite. At times a son would take credit for something the father accomplished, by doing so loose 20 years in the accuracy of the time frame. Test this yourself around the dinnertable. Relate an event. You will see how several different perceptions of the same story you will hear. The movie Vantage Point is a good example at present.

Each PEOPLE brings something different to the table.
Each PEOPLE has their own way of relating to each other.
Each PEOPLE has their own believes.
Each PEOPLE are entitled to be treated equal.
Each PEOPLE has their own history and is entitled to record it as such.

I have an accent, when asked where I am from I say: 'Olympia, WA." Oh no, what are you?
Question: "Where are you from?" I am Irish, Native American, Mexican and English. NO!
Answer: I am from Chicago.

Racism and Bigotry is more than reacting to a persons skin color. Educate me without judgment, give me a visual, something I can relate to, allow me to speak in a way I can relate. In some areas we are all INFIDELS. When entering a foreign country or unknown territory read the travel guide. Understand their customs, don't get offended if you make a mistake or two.
The art and desired result is to coexist in peace.

When I awake in the morning I get up and take my heart medication. I then lay back down. It is during the time period between returning to sleep and just being, a sort of slumber I think, when I have my closest time with DREAM, SUBCONSCIOUS, CREATOR or MATRIX. When I awaken and get up for the day, I have a clarity which I am unable to achieve even in meditation. I remember what I heard, smelled, saw, experienced and where I WENT, I may not be able to recall the name but I can describe it in detail and I retain the memory of such occurrences. This morning the following happened. In said state I saw many Albino Centipedes climb up my pink pant legs. I was amazes and puzzled as to the meaning of this. I dug out my books on animals, symbolism and meanings, I looked under insects, snakes and worms. Centipede was nowhere to be found. I asked a friend to please check on her computer while I waited on the telephone for her findings. As it turned out Centipede is an ARTHROPOD, one of the most successful animals on the planet. It is estimated there are between 1-9 million species in existence terranian and subterranean. Terranian they are great conquerors, subterranean they are exclusively predatorily.

An ALBINO Centipede was found in the Grand Canyon, a new race with new organisms. I think nature repeats the never ending cycle and renews itself as needed, survival of the species if you will.

Make no mistake, if we... Humans... cannot get our act together and realize how important we are in the NAME-GAME of UNISON by the time our cosmic relatives arrive it would not surprise me if by going against the grain, pulse and evolution of our home the planet Earth... CENTIPEDE TIME.... Well, you get the picture.

Two more orbits! I will be good to get my feet back on the ground. It is a one of a kind place we live on, this magnificent ball in the backwoods of the Universe, flaws and all, maybe one day we will get it right and become the people of the Planet Earth.

Unable to sleep, I was channel surfing. I stopped on a program America's Best Dance Group... HIP-HOP Challenge. Two dance-groups were given the assignment to incorporate classical and songs from a Musical into their dance routine. The winner was a group JABBA WOCKEEZ. The dancers were very creative, bordering on genius in their presentation and execution of the dance. Their attire was colorful and they wore red gloves and red masks over their faces. Watching MTV and a HIP-HOP competition I ...TYPICALLY... assumed Jabba Wockees to be an Afro American group. Imagine my surprise when the masks were removed and the dancers were of Asian, Latino, Hispanic and Caucasian decedent.

If Earth can go forward at an unhurried, steady pace, if we can live with silent earthquakes for weeks at a time, if we can experiment splitting Atoms under the ground I don't think it is too much to ask to deliver PEEPS for the next holiday.

Love and Light