Lilian's February Newsletter

For the world of me I was unable to figure out how we name the month and how we arrive at the meanings. So I typed in Wikepedia January meaning.
Did it clarify anything for me? Not really.

January was an eventful month for us people of the planet Earth. Still thinking about the ramifications of this so-called new beginning, I was sitting in the parking lot of an office building, killing time before a meeting, when I noticed 3 trees swaying in the wind on a stormy day. It was quiet, except for the wind and the sound of an occasional saw, on this ungodly stormy day, people were absent to the point for a moment I thought I was the only person on the premise. I listened to the trees as they moved, swung back and forward with the wind, spinning at the top as the gusts caught the top of their crown. In the stillness I listened to their story.

Spruce Tree:
" I have been here about 120 years, somehow it feels like something HAS changed. I thought I had felt it before, except by the time I was able to recognize the change, humans reverted to their old ways, they did not too much care what we thought as tree people."

Maple Tree:
"You know I noticed also. Humans say things and make a big deal about things. They don't think we are paying attention at all."

Oak Tree:
"I enjoy the fact that they have to come out of the houses they build here, they eat, drink, talk on their phones and smoke. They have no clue that we are listening and discussing their conversations later."

Spruce Tree:
"We, as tree people, have to ability and obligation to serve as time keepers and story tellers, so human law does not apply, if it did, I think they would behave more responsible in the things they say and do. They actually justify destroying the planet, they are selfish and unwilling to acknowledge our feeling in the matter."

Oak Tree:
"Let me tell you what I overheard the other day, right before it got noisy from the snowplows moving snow and ice a couple of feet over, so the cars were able to pass by. Just look at it, 3 weeks later, after the flood and the dirty snow mountains they created are still sitting there, unwilling to melt. It was stated that the Seattle Sea Hawks were sold and when they came to town a big storm followed, as it usually happens, when the Hawks play. Not one person noticed that this was a mistaken statement made by a totally un-sporty person, a woman named Lilian. It was the Seattle Super Sonics, which went to Oklahoma City and the Storms, a women's team. I have kin in Tumwater, 12 miles from here, they tell Lilian stories also. For instance...."

Maple Tree:
"Wait, how can you have kin 12 miles from here, I thought we were your family?"

Oak Tree:
" According to Webster the word family means: well known, forward, informal, intimate, household groups.

According to Follette by Glucksman it means: Group of people together, people you trust and are familiar with.

Kin are people related by blood and tribe. I am kin to the old Oaktree in Tumwater, never spent too much time with him as a seedling, before the wind carried him away. I can still hear him when he talks to me. You are my family and here we are.

As I said my kin, the Oaktree told me he overheard the same woman stop and talk to a woman standing on the street corner with a sign. She said Lilian sat on a crate next to her, in the rain and told her that she had written about her, the woman in her newsletter. How she had wanted to help her in the last storm, but had no money to give her, only a loaf of bread. How a reader send $200 with a note telling her, Lilian, that if she ever saw that woman again she now had a few dollars to share with her and others like her. Lilian went to the bank and got small bills and told the women at the bank what she was going to do with the money, the teller had noticed, a notation on the bottom of the check read : USE AS NEEDED.

The woman at the street corner said her name was Nora and allowed a picture to be taken of her."
She offered Lilian some bread and explained why she was at the corner sometimes begging for money. She has a place to stay and food to eat. She recently had a knee replacement and her hip was going out. Medicare does not pay for her medication and every month she needs $41 for medication. She sits at the corner and waits for people to help her. She said she meets wonderful people and they share stories with her. She said interacting with people also made her forget about the horrendous pain she experiences each day.

Lilian wanted to know why her sign reads homeless or out of gas. Nora said if it would read need medicine, people would assume she was a drug addict, she did neither drink nor smoke."

Spruce Tree:
"Why do humans feel they can not tell the way things are? They are born non-judgmental and at one point their taught behavior gets everything all messed up."

Oak Tree:
" Because they have taught behavior and are, for the most part, not able to return to the old ways, even if they tried. Modern man feels in charge of everything at all cost. My kin, on the other end of Lacey, heard Lilian talk to the man at the tobacco shop. She was there to buy some special African tobacco for a friend, The man running the shop is from FIJI. They were talking about how the animals sensed the Tsunami in his homeland and the natives were wise enough to understand the language of the animals and followed and were safe. They talked about the dissatisfaction in the people and how it would appear the energy has changed momentarily, with the electing of a caring person trying to fix the mess they got us into.
The poor man, people expect him to have a magic wand and put things in order within a week. Little do they know this is not going to happen in the given time frame."

Maple Tree:
"Humans only live a short time, how can they comprehend what it is like to live 100's of years like us? If they did, they would surely show more compassion for us, the Earth and even themselves. They turn on each other if things are not the way they expect it to be. No one can meet their expectations. They never learn, look back on your life time. You will be lucky to make it to 200 years. Look over there, a new building, someone is going to complain about you shedding your needles or leafs and clog the drain. You will be blamed for the next flooded parking lot and there you go. If you are lucky you will be able to become firewood and warm someone's house. Chances are due to pollution there is a burn ban and you just died for nothing, just laying around. Nothing ever changes, it will be the same in 100-years, if we are still here we can tell that story again."

Oak Tree:
"I want to get back to Nora and Lilian sitting on the crates on the street corner.
They talked about the terrible things happening to the people in Gaza.
Lilian told Nora how one year she was stuck in an abandoned old car wash thinking she could shelter the RV she was traveling in from hurricane type winds. She was unable to see anything and only heard the dangers flying at her in the dark. At that moment she understood what it must feel like to not know what people throw at you and what will kill you. For so many years to live in fear and terror. The same word terrorism comes from and is used for even unrelated things for a half of decade.

She asked Nora if she knew why Israel wanted to take the land from Palestinians.
Lilian told Nora how in the late 40's a group of people decided to reclaim, what they thought was their homeland and remove the people living there, regardless.

The people living there felt like the people of Israel did many years earlier when they thought they would be invaded. They went to Masada, a fortress. They decided NOT to give up and died there.

Why would the Palestinians not want to remain in their home.

This is no different, you can not take some ones else's spot, killing women, children and anyone else for that matter is wrong.

Lilian's mother remembered the Phosphor bombs being thrown at them in Europe, she said everything burned, it was like crossing a raging fire river on twigs....barbaric. How can this be allowed in present day and no one said anything.

Not sure if Nora really understood, but Lilian gave her the money for her medicine and promised to visit her again next time she sits at the corner, with the sign. She now has a phone number. Next time she can call so Lilian does not have to drive around looking for her."

Spruce Tree:
"Since you know so much, how about asking Lilian to bring a seed from my kin over here, the rest are all spread out in Olympia. If they do cut us down, maybe we are lucky and they overlook the seeds and we can continue for another 200 years telling stories about the Noras and Lilians then.
Do you think humans will ever get it right?"

Maple Tree:
" No, they will continue to fight and not recognize a change is about to come. They will not honor the Earth and make things very complicated for the new guy...President Obama... they will not take responsibility.

The wind will continue to caress us and make us sing, there will always be Lilians, people to hear us, like family.

A girl in the Alps of Europe had a car accident. She had to make a choice between a ravene and a family of trees. She called out to us and said:" Here I come, embrace me!" The trees did just that. They caught her as her car was sliced into two pieces on impact. She got out of the car, shook her head and saw she had not as much as a scratch. She hugged the trees and said "THANK YOU" Her name is Claudia, Lilian's niece."

Spruce Tree:
War is a reality show, people live in a UNISEX politically correct society. If they don't turn off this noisy machinery I am going to throw a branch at them."

Oak Tree:
"Great going, make them mad, look Lilian is leaving, lets swing our tops one more time, loud enough so she remembers talking to us on this fine, stormy Northwest afternoon."

Love and Light

PS. When downloading Nora's pictures, there were 2 of them, they somehow faded.. as in disappeared. I am not able to retrieve them, like Nora is nonexistent in digital.

Here is a photo a woman by the name of Laurie Johnson took on one of her travels in Arizona driving through the dessert. Bet the trees shook their tops about this human concept......

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