December 2009 Newsletter

Was 2009 a Roller coaster or what? I am amazed we made it! 2009 held much misery for millions of us, and to imagine that things had improved in many areas. As I prepared to turn the last show of the year into the TV Station, I thought maybe I would re-check the quality of the disk. I am glad I did, seems we were all in a fog, one day turned into another and here we are. In my persona,l life I literally did now know who I was for about 8 month, I mean I had issues with my MPD, BUT somehow everything got done, all deadlines were met and WOW...

People around me were struggling as well, the whole country underwent a transformation. I had never seen anything like it, it was good for some and very bad for others. The political circus with some of the politicions made for plenty of conversation and interesting TV watching. I kid you not. We saw the best and the worst in some people.

In the predictions for 2009 we predicted some things which happened, so allow me to refresh your memory. Of course some things did not happen...we were glad we were wrong sometimes... lets look at the things which did happen.

We saw many food lines... Some may have also been Unemployment lines.

We saw corruption and extortion, war and the PALE HORSE... which dealt with William Cooper"s book, in which he explained the big picture of where SOME were trying to maneuver us . A lot dealt with the banking system.

We saw the economy in a vice, as if an octopus had it's tentacles wrapped around it and we had to cut off the tentacles.

We saw Sunspots.

We saw Universal disaster... no shortage of that.

We saw Wall Street barely recovering... the ups and downs were listed my month. Bank accounts frozen in Switzerland and Claudia saw Sarah Palin disappear.

We saw the beginning of an almost new system.

We saw the car industry collapse and talked about the time it would take to recover.

We saw the explosion on the Moon, when the satellites were crashed into the surfuse of the Moon. Problems with nature and water everywhere, nonstop flooding somewhere in the country.

We saw Hillery Clinton as Secretary of State and disputes with the election until April, at least. Mr. Al Franken was not seated until the courts had decided his vote results and eventually, he became the 60th vote for the Democratic Party.

We saw Gary Locke in Washington DC, he became Secretary of Commerce. This was actually in the predictions for 2008, as it turned out he was the 3rd person selected for the job, which was time consuming, but Gary Locke is in Washington DC.!

We saw one of the, then candidates, make a stupid decision....Mr. MCCain, when he stopped his campaign to save the economy and we saw one of the candidates having to make a sudden, quick trip before the election, which was Mr Obama, when he had to go the Hawaii to see his Grandmother.

We saw the lack of respect, we did not know the outcome of the election, since both candidates we similar in Zodiac sigh, both are Leos. The respect issue could have been our clue, but we decided not to speculate.

We saw California sinking deeper into despair and the need to sort out the money problems of the country with a teaspoon, rather than a shovel.

We saw relatively few protest, but LOUD protests. I think we can see a tea party here.

We saw terms of loans in form of a dragon, which was CHINA.

We saw the post office having major issues... lucky us, we still have 6-day delivery.

We saw Sen Kennedy sick.

We saw major problems with health care, the prison system and issues with the swine flu shots.

We saw back-breaking struggles with jobs, continuing foreclosures, loss in textile sales and jobs.

We saw changes with guns laws, more troops in the war (Afghanistan)

We saw less travel and continuing decline in airline services.

We saw New York Mayor Blumeberg in the picture in some strange capacity. As it turns out he is seeking a 3rd term, even though there is a 2 term limit. I still see him in the picture and it is an ongoing work in progress, will be interesting to understand what it turns out to be what we really saw and how it plays out. He will remain in the forefront.

Actually, we do not see anything, that is just a term we use.

We said the main theme for 2009 would be greed and so it was. We said that patience would get us thru and so it did. As we rejoiced at the new beginning, soon some became fiurocious, outright dangerous. Change means just that. Change.
Picture in your mind, for a moment, you are going on a trip.
You are all prepared and packed. You even have a plan B, if needed. You have a map and you have marked your route with a magic marker.
You bring along your GPS and off you go. Looking a a map is an inconvience, even though you picked the route out yourself and have familiarized yourself with it all. It shows, mountains, rivers, valleys and based on that you have picked your highways, GPS is easier, except it will not show you the elevations nor the obstacles visible on your map.
Eventually you abandon both and ask a truck driver which way is best for you to get to your destination. You thought a truck driver would be the most qualified person to give you direction, since that is what he does for a living.
I guess by making the predictions we sort of show you the most feasible way to travel thru a year. Much as a trucker sometimes we don't know about a recent change which was made, for the most part we can give you an idea which obstacles you might encounter. It is your choice how and if you want to follow the instructions, so you will get to your destination in a safe and timely fashion.
You can choose not to and after you arrive tell your friends how dumb it was not to listen, in fact it might create a laugh or two..... in hindsight.... it was not funny as you experienced the pitfalls of not paying attention.
So here is a current map of 2010. We, of course are not responsible for changes after we drew the map and expect you to use good judgement in all things.

Kanashibushan, my friend, which made predictions with me for the past 12 years,encountered several problems in 2009. She had 2 strokes, heart surgery and her house burned down. It was for that reason she was unable to travel the distance to come and assist me. Kathryn Grandfield traveled from Missouri to Washington State. While here, she took Kanashibushan's place and we filmed the show for you in September.

Kathryn, the Lady that assisted with the predictions, did not have her cards. I broke the seal on a new deck and gave it to her. The prediction show went well, one of the reasons we have to disconnect from the information is, that we are taping 3 month in advance. Kathryn pointed out to me that she had read with a defective deck, it had several cards missing and several of the same. After further examination we determined she was right. I was excited when I realized Universe had maneuvered our predictions to such an extend that I am absolutely sure they are ever so accurate. Now we wait and see. They, the predictions, were posted on the web site early in October.

Predictions 2010

More changes in the country, hard to except for some. Change for some means, I am all for it, unless it affects me. Surprise!
Changes in wind patterns, issues with electricity and electronics.
RED skies due to Atmospheric disturbances.....We now KNOW this can also be sand/dust/dirt storms.

The country will divide even more, the Right Wing will try to push you to the brink. If it was a relationship it would translate into: If I cannot have you, no one else will. This can be changed, PLEASE pay attention and seek balance.

Increase of body count in Afghan war, VERY little changes in Iraq and Iran. Possible new skirmishes in South America, Venezuela and Region.

Raising of the seas, we need more levis and sea walls. Lots of activity in the oceans and rivers of the country. We need to check major dams.

Peaceful and harmonic times are possible IF we manage to unite. This will be sporadic and only if we strive for a rest from Chaos and sensationalism. We have the choice to disconnect people, who are trying to derail this process.

When sitting, most of us cross our legs. By doing this we do not allow negative energy to enter our space. At the same time it allows us and we have the option to change direction, as we can use either leg. When we complain about a person in Government of not keeping their word, we restrict a change of mind or direction according to the circumstances and could easily arrive at a wrong conclusion. Use your own life experiences as a guide line. We make decisions based on what we have to work with, at any given time. Decisions made 20 years ago would be handled in a different way now, since we have options now, which were not available to us than, in fact they had not even been invented. So not restrict you leaders in such a fashion.

Lots of sickness, some preventable, some man-made... Use common sense.

Money flow will increase and there will be a stable market, for the most part. It was hard to get there, so use good sense as not to fail again.
That also applies to our position in the world...... I think President Obama's Nobel Peace Price was a indication of how the world views us, at this time. It was not so much his personal award as it was for ALL of us, we should be proud to have turned the corner.

March and April will see lots of flooding in almost 80% of the country. Not all at once, rather like a train, steadily moving across the country.
More arguments about marriage, a waste of energy. Same sex marriage will prevail.
More arguments about directions the country will take, this is also a waste of energy. We are on Automatic Pilot.

New directions about space travel.
Churches will loose their grip even more, as more people start to take responsibility for themselves.

January, March and September will see attempts to interfere with Native Issues, this will also be a waste of energy. It will include Minority issues in general.

Hemp will be looked at at one point, that was already started when rules on medical marijuana were changed.

Compared to 2009. 2010 is a year we will be able to go forward. First flicker of light at the end of the tunnel.
CAUTION, if we do not stay the course it will be an illusion.

Women will be more prominent in decision making in 2010.

Groundless fear will keep us disturbed and the greed will continue. At the same time it is a year of opportunity and internal growth. Nothing will happen in a straight line..

The job situation remains unstable until the end of the summer. Some are NOT willing to trade a white collar job for a blue collar job. This is understandable, except unavoidable at this time.

Healthcare will look totally different than we expected....unclear at this time if this is a plus or minus.

Stock Market will have a unpleasant "BURP" around June. Wall Street needs more females.

Uri Geller is in the picture, I think it has something to do with space....unclear at this time, except for the fact that he will be a dominant voice in some capacity....

People will be on the move, relocating within the country around the transition of summer and fall.

We will also experiencing a nostalgic complex, in which some want to return to their"old" ways.
It is like giving birth, female energy will take the lead, except this time... men are not allowed to wait in the waiting room... they are forced to participate... if they expect to take part in the bragging rights when showing off the end result.

Tennessee, Kentucky have issues. it is a speculation on our part, that it has something to do with mines and coal.

"Enlightened" people will be unhappy, there will be changes at the top level in Government. it appears as a "RECYCLING" process of some kind. People need to understand that time moves along. Unlike some wanting to remain young and strong in their opinions, there is no political BOTOX, so realize some ideas are outdated and unable to cover up, besides BOTOX changes ones appearance.

President Obama needs to pay more attention to his surroundings, especially in spring.

Lots of funerals, Kathryn saw Red Cross vehicles on several occasions. The flu will be NASTY.

Hillery Clinton will change her color combination in her attire. I think that is physical rather than a metaphor, at least I hope that is what it is.

Entertainment will take a bigger part in things and will be more active and visible in 2010.
Unions will have to rethink some of their positions and adjust to the circumstances of the overall condition of the country.

2010 is much easier to to handle than the past 10 years.. So hold on!

The HUMAN OF THE YEAR AWARD was given to George Amiotte for the work he does with Veteran and mainstream people afflicted with PTSD. Congratulations!
George Amiotte - Medicine Man

Guess the Planet Earth will turn once more, lessons will be learned and life goes on.

I wish you a VERY GOOD NEW YEAR!

Love and Light
P.S Remebering Bob White