January 2010 Newsletter

Oh what a difference a year makes.... December 2008 Washingtonians were buried in massive amounts of snow, this year, 2009 it was just an ungodly cold spell, which wanted to make some of us cry.  Watching the rest of the country getting snowed under or over did make some of us think.  In the predictions for 2010 I saw weather systems resembling a slow train as they moved across our land, and just as I had seen it, Mother Nature was on the move, stopping almost in every town within 8 states, at a time.

Early in the month I had a medical procedure... a RECLASP INFUSION... I felt closer to death than ever before and I am still struggling with my recovery on a daily basis.  I am better, but my existence is still a challenge.  Had finally ventured out to get some groceries, that went OK for the most part, except on my way home I wrote my entire newsletter in my head.  It was good, I thought as I was writing it in my head, of course by the time I got home and close to writing utensils I forgot everything I had formulated, guess we have to settle for what materializes today.

Something happens to people prior, during and right after holidays, such as the ones we just observed, lots of phone calls and an opportunity to actually have a conversation, rather then an e-mail. Myself, I do not handle e-mails too well, especially when people expect me to answer, it is too time consuming and not enjoyable for me at all, to the point I rather not get e-mail. Try snail mail, I prefer that.

I talked to a Lady in Germany, she told me she was going to TARF. I had no idea where or what TARF was, so she explained to me that it was not a where, it was a what. Once a week Grocery stores, along with other establishments , will hand out food which is close to an expiration date or items not moving in a timely fashion to anyone, which is in need, rather than to discard it. She said no-one in Germany needs to ever be hungry, the giveaway is plenty and there to help people. I thought that was great, especially since no one has to wait for a holiday to get their needs met.

For the last 40 years Barb and Friends have fed the homeless at Thanksgiving and Christmas. So it was this year. The preparations for the yearly undertaking started in July, in order to get enough donations to meet the need of the local people. Between 1500 and 3500 guests were expected, the number enjoying a meal was somewhere in between that. This year a clothing bank was added. Warm coats and blankets and at Xmas many toys were handed out to the towns children, which would not have a gift. I am proud to report my family was active with volunteering more month.  A local Jazz Band gave an added touch to the festivities.
Some of us were delighted to see several stores and eateries open for those of us not observing that holiday. Here is a visual for you.

Barb Family Friends Thanksgiving Community Meals [HQ] -Some of us were delighted to see several stores and eateries open for those of us not observing that holiday.

Again, hikers ventured out into the mountains during properly forecasted dangerous weather conditions and not only died themselves, they also put many rescuers into harms way.

A talk with a friend revealed  the need to examine a statement I make regularly.  When asked how I am, health or/and otherwise I often answer I am overcoming several challenges.  My friend pointed out that the term: I am facing several opportunities would be more appropriate. 

Opportunity according to Lilian means: a chance to try something new, to alter course and a new beginning for a different experience.

Challenges according to Lilian means:  an obstacle to overcome, to examine, correct and overcome a present condition, a matter needing to be attended to.

Opportunity allows me, Lilian, a choice in no particular time-frame, altering of a mindset at one point, not urgent and put into place after some consideration, provided procrastination does not set in and the opportunity is missed entirely.
Challenges according to me, Lilian, represent the need to immediately confront an obstacle, meet a problem head on and find a solution, in order to rectify a problem.  At least try to find means to deal with what is present in a somewhat functional and operational manner, so present situation will improve, rather than become more aggravated.

My oldest Granddaughter had a birthday party.  Even though I was in the early recovering stages of my procedure I attended the party.  For her B-day present I picked a table/picture book: My Eyes Have Seen The Glory.  It was a documentation of the Civil Rights Movement.  A Lady I barely knew joined the party and looked at the book for a long time.  Eventually she got up and gave my Granddaughter the longest, most sincere hug I have ever witnessed.  While holding her, the Lady, with tears running down her face  told that she had recognized many of the people in the pictures, she was a white participant in the movement.  It was a moving experience for all of us present.  I mentioned what had happened to my friend, Kathryn Grandfield, she in turn send me the following report:.

Dear Lilian,

You asked me to write a little something about my view of the Civil Rights work that took place in the 1960’s.  One experience was going to Alabama on a bus of other young people.  The goal was to get Black adults registered to vote.  At that time a literacy test was being used in parts of the south and regardless of the literacy ability of Black People, many were denied the right to vote. 

We rode a bus through Missouri, Tennessee and Mississippi into Alabama.  One of the things that I recall the most was the farm fields of cotton, and other crops were full of hundreds and hundreds of Black Farm workers.  The town where I grew up had a segregated living situation for black and white people, so I knew segregation existed from that experience.  What I was not prepared to see was the level of poverty of those people where I was going.  In the fields and along the roadways the black people were dressed in tattered clothing, often barefoot or with shoes that were either too big for their feet or falling apart.  But the thing that humbled me so much was that as we passed by on the highways of these states, the workers in the fields and the people living in what could only be called shanty houses all stopped what they were doing.  They watched us pass by.  At first I thought it was curiosity.  But then I noticed the men all took their hats off and held them over their hearts.  The women and children all stood silently watching us.  No one was talking.  Worked stopped in the fields as we passed.  It still brings tears to my eyes to think of this even now.  We were young white kids who knew nothing of the life of these people except what we saw on television or read in magazines and books.  But something called all of us to help……….we knew they should be allowed to vote.  So we got on the bus and went.  I shudder now to think that the people who had suffered for so long by antiquated laws that denied them their basic civil rights saw us as some kind of solution to their lives of suffering.


Throughout the year people talk to me about a multitude of subjects, including the present state of the economy and the approaching concern of some about the year 2012.  On Jan 21, one of my scientist friends e-mailed the following to me:  If you believe in 2012 you have exactly 3 years from today.

Some friends are worried, always trying to figure out how to overcome the doomsday prediction and trying to get ready for survival.

I try to explain that either way what will be, will be.  It is my way to respect peoples opinions, even at times when my opinion somewhat varies from theirs.  We can worry about 2012, just like when we worried about Y2K.

On Dec. 27th 2009, my oldest grandson was the victim of a armed home invasion.  He was slightly injured physically. he was struck in the head with a shotgun and kicked in the lower torso, which made his kidneys rather vulnerable.  He was very traumatized, barely escaping death.



What disturbed us the most about the incident is the fact that 2 of the perpetrators came from such unusual backgrounds.  A Soldier and a man working for DSHS.  People we usually trust and seek out when we need help.

HOW can the State employ former felons of such magnitude?  It has been known that the military lowered standards for enlistment, due to need for more bodies on the ground in war zones, but how can a Soldier with such severe problems maintain active and how can a judge set bail so low, that it does present a small hardship to make bail.

It is the second time a grandchild in my family has been the victim of a armed robbery.  My Granddaughter was held up at gunpoint at her job at Hollywood Video a couple of years back.  Luckily she also escaped death.  One can't help but wonder what goes on in the mind of people committing such crimes, especially when they KNOW they will be apprehended.  Olympia is a somewhat peaceful town.

6 police officers were murdered within 6 weeks in a 30 mile radius, think of the possibilities of potential outcomes on both sides of the story.

The paradox of "good and evil" were very profound in the month of December on a large scale.  Just as we thought the year had ended on a good note.  The hateful behavior towards people of different political outlooks has also become so profound.
It is my hope that we, as a people overcome these challenges, rather than viewing it as an opportunity.

I would like to remind you that Keith Olbermann and Rachel Maddows on MSNBS have proven to me that they are truthful and responsible in their reporting of news, which is being overlooked on some channels.

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I wonder if a butterfly remembers being a caterpillar..... who said change was impossible?
Love and Light
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