Lilian's December Newsletter

Admitting we all seek approval and a little stoking on occasion is sometimes hard to admit, however it would appear it is a built in human need.... at least I think so.
Well, after 8 years I was the person acknowledged in the SPOTLIGHT, a feature in the newsletter paper, OFF CAMERA. send out to my peers.

Producer Spotlight: Lilian Mustelier

Lilian Mustelier has been a member of TCTV since 1992, soon after we moved to our present address. It wasn’t until 1998 that she began producing her own shows; and she has been a powerhouse ever since. Most individual producers offer a new show once a month. Lilian offers a brand new show every week. In fact, she has produced 763 of them as of the time of this writing. So in light of this, if you see her show on, it may be the only time that you’ll get to see that particular episode. Channel Surf away at your own risk!

Lilian began producing her show, she says, to prove a point. She had written a book some years ago and was very unhappy with the subsequent interviews. So she decided to demonstrate her philosophy in action. “The Host doesn’t have to be a star. They should accommodate the Guest. It’s about the Guest, not the Host”.

She remains politically and religiously neutral. She gathers material through interviews and travel. “I introduce viewers to people, places and things that they would never go to, see or visit.”
On a few occasions, she’s been given permission to rework a documentary or two. But beyond that, Lilian has no plans to change her format or style. So then her future productions really depend on her health. But she wants to do these shows indefinitely.
“Lose your ego. Stay humble. And remember, everybody has a story.” Lilian said in summery. So catch her shows Tuesdays at 9pm and Fridays at 11am.

By Dan Bennett,
TCTV Staff

When I stopped at my mailbox at the entrance of the Estate I live I noticed a new bulletin board.  On it was an announcement.  Happy Birthday Lilian...for all to see. I must admit, it felt good to have been publicly acknowledged as the Birthday girl.

I had made it to 63 years of life on this planet.  At one time I was in demand for a multitude of things, these days...for about 4 years or so... I become essential during someone's crisis, the rest of the world, for the most part, takes me for granted.

Had been gifted a free movie ticket valid for my birthday so I set out to go to the movies. The movie: Tyler Perry's : For Colored Girls started one minute into my B-Day. According to theTheater web site the 12:01 AM show was sold out, except when I got there, I was the only person present for the big IMAX viewing. Eventually three groups of women came. About 4 Asian Ladies, 6 Caucasians and 9 Afro Americans. They sat in different parts of the Cinema.

Not to give away the story of the movie, Tyler Perry's greatest story ever unfolded. It showed the resilience of women, the strength of women. Unable to see the grouped off Ladies behind me on the upper levels, I was able to identify the different story lines the Ladies related to, their reactions to situations we all had in common and the way they were resolved. Regardless of our ethnic backgrounds, all were able to identify in a non-sexist way, it appeared we were all able to grasp the concept that it is up to the female species of the Planet to heal the Earth and the Human Race residing there. It will require we overcome drama, rivalry. jealousy blame and judgment. I would think the story would also be beneficial to men, because it may help them understand that it is up to females to teach a better way of dealing with one another.

My Birthday was also Election Day. Many female candidates. When it was said and done one of the Commentator made an interesting observation. She thought that in general some of the female candidates thought women were going to vote for women, because they are women. Some were surprised that this time women looked at issues and behavior, rather than gender.

In the predictions for 2010 the country was represented by female energy. It was the Year Of The Woman. The predictions of 2011 however showed the country as male energy again. In a way we did see that our thinking would revert back to the harsh logical way of the past. Flip-floppers resurrected themselves, attempting to restrict our minds and succeeding in many ways.

As predicted the people on the top were being recycled and some regurgitated. The thinking of some radicals, fear-mongering... trying to keep us from living type persons... created an imbalance. The caution was not headed and again made that part of the predictions play out, rather than avoid them. We did say change was hard to except for some and the country would be divided.

As predicted, the wind patterns changed and many “RED” skies were present.

As predicted the ocean floors had trouble... the oil-spill in the Gulf of Mexico.

As predicted we did not cross our legs, which resulted in many unpleasant liaisons.

As predicted man made diseases emerged. Cholera, whooping cough and lack of medicine and proper nourishment, due to lack of money and loss of jobs.

As predicted extreme weather moved throughout the world like a slow moving train...nonstop.

As predicted same sex marriage took up much time and DADT is being decided as we speak. This was a waste of energy, since we can no longer stand for the inequality of anyone. Churches have lost their grip.

As predicted there was an increase of loss of life in our wars, skirmishes developed in the Southern Hemisphere. Brasil and Mexico suffered from internal drug wars. Korea was not on radar, guess that is one we missed.

As predicted Immigration and Native issues were plenty and this terrible Arizona Law caused the world to take another look at us as a country and the reversal of some basic human rights.

As predicted, Space travel, as we know it, has taken a different direction.

As predicted we made many strives forward since 2009. In excess of 400 new laws benefiting many were passed.

As predicted the Stock Market stabilized for a while, the caution still remains, we are on automatic pilot and if the last few weeks in the year are not attended properly the light of the end of the tunnel will be an illusion.

On my way home from the movie that night I searched for reasonable gas. The cheapest was $3.07, the highest $3.17. I stopped at a Chevron. Got out of the car, used my Debit and pumped gas. Got back into the car and realized a steel pole between me and the door. I was unable to close the door. I sat for a while trying to explain to myself, how I was able to open the door, exit the car, re-enter the car IF that pole was present. The Attendant came out of the store,wondering if I needed help, since I was just sitting there. I declined and when he inquired what I was doing I told him I was just thinking and I was sure he did not want to know what I was thinking. I managed to maneuver the car off the steel pole somehow and left. I returned the next day and attempted to reconstruct my experience with the pole.... THERE IS NO POLE... Not even anything resembling a pole.

Keith Olbermann was suspended indefinitely for unknowingly overstepping a rule imposed by his employer. Most all of his viewers did not agree with the decision and, with help of social sites, gathered 300.000 petitions and refrained from watching the network, with that action got Keith reinstated within 2 working days. Power of the masses.

A homeless man was killed by a train, while trying to find shelter from the weather in a tunnel.

A mystery rocket was sighted in California. It looked like a USO to me and some other trained researchers. Great footage of the occurrence was posted, it was reported to be “SWAMP GAS”.

My oldest, in years and friendship, friend came to Olympia. She had not been able to see me for two and a half years......she lives three hundred miles across the mountain....she had been rather ill. She gifted me a table at a Psychic Fair/Wellness Conference. While there I ran into a man, named BLUE THUNDER. To summarize a one day story....he had a crystal I recognized. I thought the crystal had recharged itself from my fully operational camera battery. My equipment only allowed me to film certain things, even though permission had been given to film anything I wanted to. BLUE THUNDER and I talked a bit, off and on, we realized we had much in common in form of people, places and things. It was agreed to meet after he was done with his activities in the area, in a few days.

The next day I had an invite from a friend to join her for dinner. We talked about my experience in detail and I mentioned my new acquaintance and my connection to thunder. When I returned home I watched the DVD BLUE THUNDER made available to me for a two part TV show, and at that time I realized who he was and how we traveled in the same circles for the past sixteen years. I was unable to contact him in order to invite him to walk the Mima Mounds with me.

The friend I shared my “thunder” conversation with agreed to stop by to take a look at the DVD I was using for the shows. Out of nowhere, a storm came. Thunder, lightening and gust of 77 MPH winds, scary when living amidst 60 foot fir trees. The weatherman was oblivious as to the approaching storm, the weather report was the last thing I watched before loosing power for eleven hours, as the destructive storm raged through the State of Washington. I was aware of talk of a Earth healing circle of stone ceremony about 16 miles from here lead by my new acquaintance BLUE THUNDER. As soon as we, my visiting friend and I, figured out this weather event could have been related to a ceremony, the wind calmed, the clouds....which had been absent from the storm...returned. It is so amazing how we can ask for Mother Earth to help us heal her, and miraculously she answers.

The power was out for a long time. My Norad radio only got one station without static. It took me on a musical journey of about 30 years. What was so strange about it was that I thought of times, events and places, which I thought meant nothing to me, rather than to things that would have been associated to the old songs.....except one. I remember winning $1,000 in a dance contest to Lady in Red. It was a rather bizarre night. What it taught me was that sometimes it is OK to go back into your memory banks, without the now necessary electronics, we don't seem to be able to live without. It also taught me it is OK to give up control of what it is we think we need to do. I was forced to listen to music determined by someone else, and ignoring what I thought I would rather listen to. In this day and age we are usually in charge of everything we want to see on U-Tube, on television and other devices which have become second nature to us. I think I will continue to allow myself to spend times like this voluntarily every so often, without waiting for Mother Nature to force my hand.

Earth Changes, solar storms and solar flares are upon us. There may be a the near distance future I might add...where we are forced to go back to basics.... A few of us actually know what that means, especially in the United States, where everything is at our fingertips. We see the rest of the world struggling and sometimes reduced to just wanting to literally survive.

That night of storms and thunders made me take a good look at myself and my surroundings. The acknowledgment we often crave and seek can take many forms. Take the music I was “forced” to listen to. So many of the artist are no longer walking the Earth along side with us, yet, their music and words immortal. Luther Vandross: Here and Now. The first dance of the new couple each day, I wonder if he expected that when he wrote and recorded that song. I realized that night that people I thought loved me, really didn't, and it pointed out people I had not thought of in many moons.. .DID.

Love and Light


PS. I heard from Blue Thunder. He said he was on a quest till first week in December, at which time he would call, in order to film a show with me. Since my last contact with him there have been 2 minor earthquakes and we were in a deep freeze for several days.

Unprepared for such an early event people were stuck on I-5 from 5 PM till 4:30 AM.

The solution for AIRPORT SECURITY is to hire Psychics to walk amongst the people.

Stay prepared and safe while you are preparing for a HAPPY NEW YEAR!