Lilian's July Newsletter

Nothing better than a cup of Cuban Coffee, I remember my nights, by myself, in the middle of nowhere, I pulled my coffee press out and made Cuban Coffee. Ever so often I would also treat a visitor with a taste and word got around, I am an excellent COFFEE-MAKER.
I use espresso and Cuban Coffee for many things. To cure a headache, put myself to sleep.....learned that from my mother later in life.... a cup of Cuban Coffee is a wonderful experience at 2:00 am.
It settles my stomach, collects my thoughts and I use it as a decision maker when I don't know what else to do. 

Good News!! Smuckers bought Cuban Coffee and this delicacy is now available to all.

June had events only a few people paid attention to. The most massive solar explosion and solar flare which followed. Eighteen hours later, when this occurrence effected the magnetic field, it created many power and cable outages. This was repeated when the moon played hide and seek with the sun during the eclipse. This also effected our technology and continued until June the 18th.

I was forced to listen to my NOAA radio during that outage. As my mind drifted down memory lane, I thought about the fact there must be millions of songs. Imagine..... considering there are only eight notes in an octave, which are used in a million ways. 
We have a pill for everything, except malfunctions in our technology, case in point Cialis commercials.

Crop Circle activity is sad these days. In 2010 only a fraction of circles appeared. And 2011 has a slow start. I always thought Crop Circles were bulletin boards, posted by our star relatives. At one point, there were 4,500 Crop Circles per year, world wide. Feels like “they” got tired of sending them. Maybe we are treating this out of this world treat like everything else...MagsNIX....or we are just too stupid to understand the importance of such a phenomenon.

As I was writing the June Newsletter....TV was on for background noise... I noticed a strange contraption in an Infomercial. A round, dome like oven, which cooked three different ways all at the same time. Interesting, I thought, I paid closer attention to what the people on TV were saying. I don't buy things advertised in Infomercials.... needless to say I broke my own rule and ordered one.... in blue.

Dominique, the young man taking my order kept telling me about all kind of things I was not familiar with, so I FIRMLY told him I wanted what I saw on TV, no more, no less. HOW MUCH? With shipping, $154. Three payments. Nuwave is on the way!
I was unable to verify the UPS tracking number I was given, so I called Nuwave and was told my credit card was rejected. I called Credit Card Company and was told since I had made my payment in person at the store, it was in the system.... he could see it... but it was not actually posted. I was upset, I give the bank the money and it is in Cyberspace. After 4 days it finally fell off the CLOUD, payment was honored and my NewWAVE was on the way!

Seven days later the huge package arrived. What excitement! My girlfriend helped me unpack and assemble the contraption and we were ready to cook. No power going to the "POWERHEAD" which is the brain of the oven. It was a Friday, customer service is closed, so it was Monday before I was able to reach NuWave. Told the nice Lady the brain was broken, she apologizes... like it was her fault...LOL...I send you a new one. That was easy, I was ready for a fight and she was wonderful, I was almost disappointed.

Seven days later my "HEAD" arrived in a box. Enclosed was a postage sticker for the useless power-head. I immediately take the old head to UPS. While there, I see a sign advertising a special: Transfer of your VHS tapes to DVD $ 12.99 for 30 minutes. $19.99 for 60 minutes. Ghee, I have transferred 1,000's of tapes and only on rare occasions got a Thank You....I could have made some money, enough to buy Nuwaves for everyone in my family and a few friends!

Time to cook! Biscuits on the bottom I saw on TV.... potato and white asparagus on rack # 1. Elksteak and vegetables, the vegetables were wrapped in foil... like I saw on TV. I push... time...20...start. Everything started cooking at the same time and when the buzzer notified me my dinner was ready, I removed the "DOME" and there it was!

Steak broiled!
Vegetables steamed!
Potato baked!
Biscuits baked to perfection!

I removed the aluminum foil, no cleanup and I was in amazement! I was convinced someone lived in that "HEAD" how else could it have known, what to broil, what to steam and what to bake!?

I am getting to the bottom of that.... I am going to"AIR-FRY" french fries, just like they did on TV. Cut potatoes, a little Creole seasoning, push Time...20...Start.

"Hey, MR HEAD... and I know you are in there.... I am watching you!"

"Did you know that people have their own idiocies? They line the streets to watch the naked bike parade, if you ride a bike naked the next day you will get arrested for indecent exposure!"

No answer from MR HEAD.

"Did you know that people are spot-hearing? I taught my camera people to spot read signs when filming. Instead of filming a sign and reading it out loud while keeping the camera focused on it, it takes too long and the viewers get bored...they are used to info overload...

I took along a camera person to test my theory. We went grocery shopping. While the clerk was ringing up the items we chatted about the weather, local events and THEN...I switched the conversation addressing the clerk personally. I talked about her to her and she just chatted along. My camera person and I discussed this and arrived at the same conclusion... she had no idea what I said to her. People are picking up key words and filling in the blanks...with that creating their own stories. Same thing repeated at the doctors office, twice. What I said, what was heard and what was repeated was so far apart, the stories were not even cousins. You know what I mean?"

No answer from MR HEAD.

"When we get upset with people we have to remember something has changed in our reality. NASA sent a footnote request in one of the notifications for sunspots and disturbances asking those of us, who understand what they, NASA, are telling people, to please explain it to others, since we have entered a new Solar Cycle, which can greatly affect us and it is important we understand what is going on in our world."

No answer from MR HEAD.

"During the recent power outage I realized everything looked so different in dim lights. Where I live we got a new Walmart. It is directly across from a cemetery. Right before the store opened the owners of the cemetery complained that now the departed souls would have to look at Walmart day and night.....they wanted a wall built so Walmart was not visible. Because of the Walmart story, while sitting in the dark I thought about how people viewed my belongings and the things in my house. Everything has a story and is valuable to someone. Will it go to the dump or will people end up with it and understand the importance of certain items. Who cares! I am not residing on the planet! 

"A wall so the departed can not see Walmart!"

No answer from MR HEAD.

The buzzer rings, my air-fried french fries are ready.

"Its OK, MR HEAD.... you don't have to answer.... I KNOW you are in else would Nuwave know what food has to be cooked how all at the same time and come out perfect... you will live here for a long time. I will talk to you from now on, figure out how you do this and I KNOW you will answer one day!"

When we follow polls, we do not get a clear picture. For instance, when counting un/or under employed, it does not reflect the people no longer in the system, AND the thousands, which were displaced by flood, tornadoes, and fires, many of which no longer have a place of employment. There livelihoods were cancelled by natural disasters.

When something happens it makes news for a few days, only to be canceled out by politics, and like we used to say....MagsNIX ...things unrelated to the aftermath of the suffering people.

I was talking to a friend in Georgia. Not sure how the conversation started.... from discussing June's newsletter.... to a visit he made to an acquaintance, which raised his own pigs. My friend noticed that some of the fat sows were laying in spilled out food next to the food trough. It was explained to my friend, who knew absolutely nothing about pigs, the reason the sows behaved like this is because they want to prevent the smaller pigs from eating, so they sleep on the food, wake up and start eating again. AND on occasion even kill the little pigs and eat them.

Politicking has become so very confusing, it appears the ideas of some are devouring everything, indiscriminatory and only hurt the little people.

We are making headwaves in the human rights department...GOOD.

Back to the Cialis commercial.....Cialis, low dosage to be ready at a moments notice. (Watch your hearing and your vision)

What's with the bath tub, there is always a bath tub, HMMMM before or after....

Love and Light

Here is an amazing performance I ran into on UTUBE. .......REMEMBER 8 NOTES.