Lilian's October 2011 Newsletter

1999 was the year in which the first: A Visit with a Person of High Strangeness show aired on TCTV . In order for me to get to the TV Station, which is located on Youger Way, I have to pass Youger Park. Regardless of the time of year, I always thought it was silly to call something a park, which is either in disarray from weather, a lake for the most part of the year and maybe a few times accommodates a few ball players. FINALLY, in 2009 I spotted a large sign, which read: Recovery Act and I thought it was pretty nice of President Obama to think of little ole Olympia and fix the disgrace of little Ole Youger Park. There was actually activity there for a minute and it is September 2011. No workers, a few trees. Benches, grass and oh yeah... a little ball field and the middle of still flooded and looks like a pond. What a waste of money, it is a flood area.

Next to the entrance of the TV Station is a bench and a table, along with an ashtray/trash-can and bike rack. I often sit there, cup of coffee and a cigarette in hand, to collect my thoughts, people watch...COMCAST is next door and has a constant stream of customers.... and talk to producers/directors coming to the station to edit, pick up or drop off equipment and some just stop by to see if there is a need to volunteer for shows currently in production. So it is on this day.

" Do you have a light?"

" Sure I do. Oh my, are you OK? Did they leave you here and forget about you?"

"Oh yeah, they just pull me out of the box when they want to goove around. No respect. The fact that I have been around since 1952 means absolutely nothing to people. I keep trying to tell them how things should be so they are operational, they won't listen. And you think you have problems! How can I smoke with an ear where my mouth should be."

"I thought it was a bit odd for you to talk out of your ear, but then I am not quiet myself either today."

"I heard you use to write for a paper, THE BUZZ, I miss the little stories. Like everything else, it is no longer around. I am having a hard time keeping my footing, no one appreciates my age and wisdom. Do you think we could have an intelligent conversation while you fix me?"

"I will try, if you can give me instructions as to what you want to look like. Now let me see that picture... that should not be too hard. Lets start with putting your helmet back on, to keep you safe from falling debris."

Per ยง 107 it is believed that reproduction for criticism, comment, teaching and scholarship constitutes fair use and does not infringe copyright.

"My right eye is not in the socket, does that disturb you or strike you as strange? People kind of belittle me, distort me and blame me for everything. If I didn't know any better I could think I was the government."

"In 1952 the Republican Party nominates former general Dwight D. Eisenhower to run for president, even though he had a history of heart attacks. Democrats nominate Gov. Adlai E. Stevenson, 52, of Illinois, whom Republicans denigrate as an "egghead," coining a new word to mean intellectual. Some accused Gen. Eisenhower's running mate of taking a "slush fund" of $18,000 from California businessmen, and THEN...Sen. Richard Nixon appears on television September 23 and says, "I come before you tonight as a candidate for the vice presidency and as a man whose honesty and integrity have been questioned"; he denies that any of the money in question went for his personal use. Regardless of what they say about it, we are going to keep it. The speech produces more than 1 million favorable letters and telegrams."

"Hold still, the paint is falling off your eyeball, I take it you want it in the proper place correctly."

" And another thing... President Truman relieves Gen. Eisenhower of his post as Supreme Allied Commander at Ike's request in April and names Gen. Matthew Ridgway to succeed him. Gen. Mark Clark succeeds Ridgway in the Far East. Beijing (Peking) accuses U.S. forces in Korea of using germ warfare. U.S. Air Force planes bomb North Korean hydroelectric plants June 23, and by year's end some 1.2 million Chinese are engaged in the conflict under the command of Gen. Peng Dehuai (Peng Te-huai) The United Nations rejects the Soviets suggestion to accept China as a member."

"Take a deep breath and let me adjust your ear, it is pointing there a point in you telling me this? Here it is 50+ years later and it sounds like some things happening today. I think we have evolved a lot more in that amount of time."

"HMM...that's what you think... careful... my eye is falling out again. Just listen to me and you can get a turn. In 1952 the National Security Agency (NSA) established by President Truman's executive order October 24 was a counterpart to Britain's 6-year-old GCHQ. Here is the kicker.... its huge budget will remain secret, officials will barely acknowledge its existence, and it will become larger than the 5-year-old CIA and the 44-year-old FBI combined. Established within the Department of Defense, it had mission to conduct electronic surveillance of communications; formulate and protect codes, ciphers, and other forms of cryptology; intercept, decode, and analyze coded transmissions by electronic or other means from potentially inimical foreign and domestic governments and individuals. Headed by some general or admiral, the super-secret group had operate posts around the world to intercept signals. The annual budget was in the range of $5 billion. Think anything changed?"

"Your eyes are still crooked, I assume you can see straight. There is something stuck to the back of you, no wonder you are hunched over... here, I will put it in your hands... Those are you hands, I take it. EASY, no need to grab my paper, I will hand it to you so we can see if you can read."

Predictions 2011
1. The greatest pain has ceased, but the effects of incomprehension still affect us. We have to break the chains whether physical, moral, spiritual or mental. Avail yourself a truce that your enemies and torturers have granted you. Ease the tension and forgive with sublimination of love. We must face reality, we can do this.
The fallout from what now has been known as the "BUSH YEARS" had a much longer and harsher effect than first thought and anyone could have imagined.... For instance: A 2006 provision is liable to severely cripple the postal service as we know it.

2. We should not get discouraged, it's like a chess game. It depends on the moves. There will be some guidance that will give us the ability to overcome danger and difficulty.
The fact that congress has managed to resort to extortion and what has come to be referred to as HOSTAGE TAKING would come in this category.

3. Seven states will be in confusion. Look for the solution from the right path and persist. Understanding the humility leads to greatness. Only then will you reach your goal. Do not look down with arrogance, but do not underestimate the things you don't have. It may be due to a lack of learning and understanding.
Several States were in bitter fights over Union Rights and new draconian Immigration Law battles. What has become known as "OBAMACARE" is heading for the Supreme Court.

4. Without the Earth there is no pottery. Do no stop the driving force when feeling calm and sure. There is enough material in space, so do not make the mistake that these conclusions may not apply to other generations. Without that there is no evolution. This does not mean you can not ask for help.
The unending bickering within the government has progress stagnant. As the Earth Changes are in full force many more natural disasters will take place. Since building and maintenance of existing safety measures already in place.... dams, bridges, highways... is at a total stand still, many people will be affected.

5. We will bring anything we started to a conclusion as long as we don't omit anything, not even smallest detail. There will be changes in referencing to botany. Increase in vegetarian and naturalistic tendencies.
The drought in Texas caused the beef industry to re-think how to feed the animals, which we consume and waste. Many people have taken another look at the way they eat. Weather has taken a tole on the food supply. Radiation leaks have put peoples safety in jeopardy.

6. Capricorn - January
Taurus - May
Virgo - September
Crucial months for changes if they should occur.

7. Great denial on all fronts - childish behavior. Misguided need to suffer to mature. A lot of contradictions and opposite situations. Perversion, suicidal instincts. Psychological vampirism. 1000 masks for a single face because he does not know where he is or where he is going.
When turning on your television you will notice stories each day, which come in this category. Government is misbehaving, it would appear each day presents another challenge, we are behaving Bipolar.

8. Appearance in activity and actions will be more mental than physical as we enter a stage of self improvement. Issues with alcohol and sex.

9. Possible alliance with a compatible partner that could lead harmonious times. Time for celebration.
This, I feel is political and has to do with the election, which is already underway.

10. We are close to freeing our selves from the present situations, and our physical welfare becomes evident, and depends on the factors on how we remove the tentacles that still have us in a vice.
It has become apparent, we have become an outright hateful people, I am afraid that until this becomes corrected, there is little hope of removing ourselves from present circumstances.

11. Even though our image is improving with other countries, an alliance with the wrong 'party' could be detrimental, and we will lose our house.
Unfortunately this is taking place at the United Nations in reference to the Palestinian Statehood.

12. By perseverance we can achieve the success that we planned, gaining ground. A goat always reaches the mountain top. Even though profits are likely, do not kick the can down the highway. You can be surprised and fall as quickly as you rose from the top.
Kicking the can down the road has become apparent and has become a term often used in the blame game of politics.

13. We have almost reached the top -- does not mean we have reached the summit. We should free all that deserves to be free. Be careful not to create an imbalance between the emotions and the mind.
When we looked at the predictions for 2012 we saw that unfortunately we were correct AGAIN and everything will continue AS IS way into the upcoming year.

" I thought you had a mustache, must have dropped it, Here let me fix your mouth again and your nose is out of joint. Suppose you thought you were the only one with great knowledge, your recollection of 1952 and as you can see I can talk like that... in fact I too can be observant... in advance I might add. As you can see it is different looking back on things after the fact than trying to predict an outcome of something, which is probable."

"The world is more open minded than I remember it. Some days a lot has changed, other days it is the same."

I stopped at Borders on the very last day the store was in existence. I was startled by a man coming towards me, as I was getting out of the car. He came real close, holding up his hands. He put his hands close to my face and insisted he had to show them to me. I explained I knew nothing about palms, he insisted I look at his hands. He pointed out that he had TWO lines across the palms...nothing else... TWO lines straight across. It appeared it was very important to him that I understood what he was telling me.

Here it comes : People's Head Line, (Cerebralis) and what it means ; Thoughts, Concentration, Understanding, Phantasy, Depressions, Splitting of consciousness. Most in people with Down Syndrome, which have ONE. This person mostly has no ego and does things instinctively out of Universal love. Strong Energie person. Stands their ground knows to use his energies, clear mind, forgets nothing... but thinks in a long term way. One Line represents a strong feeling person, which has sublimated increased driving force for humanitarian efforts. Feels compassion towards other people and wants to help. Has strong emotion. People with Down Syndrome are very special, loving and caring humans. He insisted very strongly that he had TWO lines becouse of his heritage. I asked him for a phone number, since I was unable to crasp neither the meaning nor the purpose for our encounter. He just walked away and dissapeard. The only cars in the large parking lot was a silver-gray Hummer and my car. I checked with a Palmyst and was told what he said was correct, except there is no explanation why this happened. While this was going on a Crop Circle appeared in my front yard. I did not discover it, family members did.

I thought it was a half a cup, some thought it was a mushroom. Many described it was a jellyfish, so we set out to understand the meaning of jellyfish.

Jellyfish reside in the warm seas across the whole planet. During warmer seasons they tend to move toward the poles, and during cooler months, they toward the Equator.
Jellyfish hold acceptance and faith, knowing and trusting that All That Is will provide the necessary for them to survive.
These are the only creatures that rely on movement for the sustenance of their lives - they have almost no ability to move on their own, depending oceans currents and the directions of the wind to move it on the way that it must go.
As they move in harmony with the currents of life, they show to us how to flow with the natural forces of Mother Earth. There are some ancient healers who hold the belief that the tapestry of true spiritual knowledge is held within the transparent form of the jellyfish.
Jellyfish know how to survive and only eat the most necessary food.

If this is your power animal, maintaining balance in all areas of your life is an important lesson for you to learn. When the jellyfish swims into your life, ask yourself if you are flowing with life in a balanced manner or whether you are wasting too much time drifting aimlessly and not enough time actively crossing the currents and heading toward your goals. Watch yourself attentively and study the jellyfish, then balance can be achieved.

Jellyfish does not have a brain or central nervous system, but rather has a loose network of nerves, located in the epidermis, which is called a "nerve net". A jellyfish detects various stimuli including the touch of other animals via this nerve net, which then transmits impulses both throughout the nerve net and around a circular nerve ring, through the rhopalial lappet, located at the rim of the jellyfish body, to other nerve cells.

A friend flew over the Crop Circle, in his plane, and said it was a parachute about 60 feet in diameter.

"So you think many things have changed in the almost 60 years and Strangeness only occurs now. Here is something for you:
In 1952 .In 1952In 1952 a killer fog descended on London, it looked like fog and smoke at the same time, so they created a new word SMOG. The Kamchatka Peninsula of the Soviet Union was hit by a 8.25-9.0 earthquake, equal only to the 2011 Japanese earthquake. Washington D.C. is "buzzed" by several alleged UFOs tracked on multiple radars. Jets scramble on several occasions and the objects take evasive action, only to return after the jets leave the area. A fireball crashes in a backyard in Havelock North, New Zealand. Well, Lilian, you look a little troubled, now what is it? Please adjust my nose again, my smeller just don't want to stay in the middle of my face. AND I think your guy at Borders was an Alien."

"A few years ago I had the opportunity to film several shows dealing with legal issues, including the death penalty. About that time a man, James Byrd, was killed in Jasper, TX by three White Separatist. James Byrd was Afro American. I was privileged to talk to his mother and sister and was therefore informed of the horrendous way James died.
I used that story in my talks often when people asked me what their purpose is. I think in the final moment of James's life he know that his death would make a difference to MANY.

One of the first laws President Obama sign when coming to office was the Byrd-Sheppard Hate Crime Bill.
About that time I also talked to a woman, her name escapes me at the moment, which told me how both her and her husband were wrongfully accused of a crime and both sentenced to death. Her husband was actually executed, she was cleared and freed when the truth came to light and it was discovered, the couple had caught a ride with the criminals, after a car crash. At the time of the filming of my show I was SURE the death penalty was WRONG and should be outlawed."

"Nothing has changed, in 1952 people were executed...
Capital Punishment and the Just Society by FATHER THOMAS D. WILLIAMS, LC... published in September 1952.
Modern sensibilities clearly lean toward the prohibition of capital punishment. There was a time, not long ago, when people and nations considered the death penalty useful, moral, and necessary as a punishment for serious crimes. This is no longer the case. There has been a fundamental shift in attitudes regarding the death penalty in the last fifty years. Since the Second World War nearly all democratic countries have outlawed capital punishment except in military law. On the global scene, ninety-nine countries have abolished the death penalty (by law or at least in practice), and for the first time in history, countries without capital punishment outnumber those that still permit the practice."

" Let me finish! The reason I am so disturbed today is because my soul is in a quandary. As it happens one of the White Separatist. which drug James Byrd to death ...after he stated he was not sorry and do it all over again... was executed in Texas. Troy Davis, a possibly innocent man was executed on the same day in Georgia. September 21 2011.
My dilemma is that I was OK with the execution in Texas and terribly shaken by the execution of Troy Davis. I wondered how by what I am sure was NOT a coincidence Troy Davis and James Bryd became connected in death. Both men having made such an impact on the lives of so many Americans. Maybe Troy Davis died for us to realize Murder is murder. Legal or not. I am deeply troubled and ashamed for my emotional behavior that day."

" My nose is out of joint again, almost like you want to out-do me with historical values, my helmet is slipping and I want another smoke."

"Say please, and I am not competing with your time period. we have much evolved since than. Everyone in a hateful mood. One more attempt to explain what may be related:
In 1980 I was enrolled in a program to establish the effects of off planet occurrences in people. The program was canceled by President Reagan....

Rather than to tell you about my experience AGAIN, I will refer you to an updated information source. It would appear that science has made much progress in this area.

Following quote from:
Solar Flares Are Getting Stronger and Longer As We Approach 11.11.11

Solar flares can cause us to be nervous, anxiousness, worrisome, jittery, dizzy, shaky, irritable, lethargic, exhausted, have short term memory problems and heart palpitations, feel nauseous, queasy, and to have prolonged head pressure and headaches.

" I have done all I can do for you, thank you for keeping me company, here... you dropped your mustache."
The third Fall Storm is approaching, if I want to take one last look at Youger Park, still or already partly immersed, I had better do that now. I am going to sit on the side of the little hill and continue my quest to figure out how to tell Mr. Potato Head he is really a little rotten in places. It is too much for one person to get that big head out of his BUTT!

Love and Light
PS. Mr Potato Head thought he was the only one knowing things... think again. 1967.