Lilian's December 2011 Newsletter

A general Strike was called for Oakland, CA, at least that is what I read on the Internet just before leaving my house to run errands.
First stop was the little Post Office, which strangely enough survived, to mail hard copies of the newsletter to some of the older friends, which strongly refuse to own a computer. Two Ladies ahead of me were filling out a stack of custom forms for packages and two young men were just there.  I asked if they, the young men were in line, they said: "no", they were just hanging out.  I responded with:"Ghee, when I was young at least we hung out at the Liquor Store.  There were Guys and Girls... if you know what I mean... and Drunks to tell you stories".

The clerk inquired if my Air Mail packages arrived safely in Germany. No,5 weeks and no sign of them.  They are stuck in Customs, even though they contained papers stating I was the Copyright holder of the DVD's enclosed.  She thought maybe they were watching 72 hours of my shows before delivery.  I thought I could have hand delivered them by now.  The young men wanted to know what I meant so I explained that 2 hours to the Airport from my house, 7 Hours to fly to New York, 3 hours to board a ship to Bremerhaven and 21 days at sea.  2 hours to un-board and 4 hours per train to the addresses on the Par Avion.  SLOWBOAT!

I asked if they heard of the rumor of a General Strike in Oakland, they thought it might be fun and they have somewhere to go, an Arcade maybe.  I inquired if the knew what a General Strike consisted of, they did not and they were rather upset to hear that it meant to shut down a whole city. The clerk thought there had never been such a thing in the USA and she might be right, I cannot say.  All I know that in my travels, I was stuck twice by a General Strike,

Left the Post Office and became a sandwich between two school busses and a fire engine.  After 5 miles of stop and go I wondered what would happen, IF the fire truck had an emergency.  I was relieved to see it was out of jurisdiction. I was about to be late for my rendezvous with my granddaughter Ebony and my great grandson Izzaiah, I call him ZooZoo. Just about then...LIGHTS and SIRENS and now what do I do?  I veered to the right, the fire truck went ...barely... around me and PUFF.... the school busses were no longer there.  While I was wondering where they went, I decided to follow the fire truck, which again was going away from home base and arrived along with the fire truck at Skippers, I made a left and the red machine kept straight.  Skippers!  ON TIME.

We ate and decided to stop people and ask if they knew the meaning of a General Strike,  We went to Sears, Target and stopped people in the parking lot.  Not ONE person knew. I have a PRESS sticker on my car, so people do like to talk.
While at Targee, like our First Lady Michelle Obama likes to call it, Ebony's mother called telling her she, Ebony, was going to be late for their Zumba session. Thought that was odd, since we had not been gone very long.  I held up everyone at the counter, since none of my credit cards worked. I fussed with the poor clerk, since they worked 10 minutes earlier when I made my payments and now refused me.

Ebony and ZOOZOO left and I decided to drive through town to see where our "Occupiers" were.  I found them, about 60 people walking in the middle of the main street, affecting 4 lanes of traffic. Just singing and drumming, just walking.  Young, old, with baby buggies and pets.  It looked more than a parade than a demonstration.  No-one was at the Capitol.... I live in Olympia, Washington State.
I stopped at Starbucks and a Shell Station and repeated my search for anyone, who knew the definition of General Strike.  No-one did.
I attempted to buy some candy at the Shell Station, my card was declined... again.  I paid cash and the clerk informed me that he had trouble with cards all day.

I passed the big clock by the feed store and it was 5:54 PM and 42 degrees. I drove the half of mile to my house and it was 7:00 PM.
I suppose the clock was independent and did not Honor "BUSH TIME" or everything was a little out of sort, just like my sales receipt from the Shell Station,  He had charged me a 35 cent service charge for using my non-working card.

Press Release
November 8, 2011

White House Response to the Disclosure Petition

Washington, DC - Sixty-four years after flying disks became a worldwide phenomenon, a formal position on this phenomenon has been issued in print by the executive branch of the United States government for the first time.   On Friday, November 4 the Office of Science and Technology Policy (OSTP) responded to two petitions submitted to the We the People section of the White House website.  One of these, the Disclosure Petition, was submitted by Paradigm Research Group.   The White House response gave the administration's assessment of the assertion by a growing number of researchers and activists that flying disks and other related phenomena confirm an extraterrestrial, non-human intelligence engaging the human race.  See:!/response/searching-et-no-evidence-yet    and

OSTP researcher Phil Larson wrote, "The fact is we have no credible evidence of extraterrestrial presence here on Earth."  Unfortunately for the OSTP and the Obama administration, that assertion is false.  Furthermore, given that approximately 50% of the American people are now convinced of an extraterrestrial presence and more than 80% believe the government is not telling the truth about the phenomenon, it is an embarrassment.

There are only four possible explanations for this statement from the OSTP:

1)  It is a political lie.  Whatever the executive branch personnel may know about extraterrestrial evidence, the administration cannot acknowledge any such awareness in order to protect the President's political prospects in the next election.

2)  It is a national security lie.   The administration cannot acknowledge any such awareness of the evidence as a matter of national security.  Which is to say the people cannot handle such truths.

3)  It demonstrates the present executive branch of the United States government, including a substantial collection of military, science and intelligence advisors, is completely unaware of the massive evidence for an extraterrestrial presence that has been accumulated over six decades by an extraordinary citizen science/truth movement.   Which is to say the administration is both ignorant and incompetent.

4)  The statement is correct and the aforementioned accumulation of evidence is just a sixty year, worldwide misunderstanding.

There are no other possible explanations, and in due course administration officials will have to defend their formal statement on one of these bases.

Paradigm Research Group invites the political media to give the evidentiary matrix behind the extraterrestrial reality a modest examination and consider challenging the Obama administration's position on what is easily the most important issue in the world today.   Such an examination might include:

1)  Reviewing quotes by persons of high rank and station over many decades.

2)  Reviewing a database of thousands of sightings by pilots in flight.   This database is managed by NARCAP.

3)  Reviewing the following books:  UFOs and the National Security State - Vols. 1 and 2 (Dolan), UFOs and Nukes (Hastings), Witness to Roswell (Carey/Schmitt), UFOs: Generals, Pilots and Government Officials Go On the Record (Kean), Missing Times: News Media Complicity in the UFO Cover-up (Hansen), Above Top Secret (Good), Abduction: Human Encounters with Aliens (Mack), Top Secret/Majic (Friedman).

4)  Reviewing the following documentaries:  Out of the Blue (Fox/Coleman)     UFOs: 50 Years of Denial (Fox)    The Day Before Disclosure (Toftenes)

5)  Reviewing the public statements of two astronaut legends:  Col. Gordon Cooper and Dr. Edgar Mitchell. See: and

6)  Reviewing the government witness testimonies amassed by the Disclosure Project.   See:

The above represent but a small fraction of the evidence the White House now formally claims is either not credible or does not exist, and there is one more area of enquiry the political media might engage - one with an ironic aspect.

From early 1993 to late 1996 billionaire Laurance Rockefeller engaged the Clinton administration through the Office of Science and Technology Policy to convince President Clinton to release all files regarding the UFO/ET issue and end the truth embargo.  Why is this relevant to the current administration?   Those persons who at the time were either directly involved with or knew about what has come to be called the "Rockefeller Initiative" include:  Bill Clinton, Hillary Clinton (Secretary of State), John Podesta (Obama transition co-chair), Webster Hubbell, Leon Panetta (CIA Director/Secretary of Defense), Dr. John Gibbons - involved; Albert Gore, Bill Richardson (Governor of New Mexico) - knew.

None of these high level officials have ever spoken publicly about the Rockefeller Initiative or been asked a single question about the Initiative in public by the political media.  Perhaps it is time for that to change.  


PRG executive director Stephen Bassett will soon submit more extensive op-ed commentary on the OSTP position statement to the appropriate newspapers for consideration.
Contact:   Stephen Bassett

It was interesting to see the following in the Huffington POST.   
Although it may seem surprising that a member of the royal family would have an interest in UFOs, Prince Philip is not the first. In fact his uncle, Lord Mountbatten, had similar interests. In a biography by Philip Ziegler in 1985, he wrote that Mountbatten had admittedly "far-fetched" ideas about the origins of the mysterious phenomenon. Ziegler explained this idea in his book:
[We were] both convinced that they come from another planet but we mutually and independently came to the conclusion that they were not 'aeroplanes' with silly little almost human pilots but are themselves the actual inhabitants: Martians, Venusians, Jupiterians or what have you. Why should life in another planet with entirely different conditions in any way resemble life on our planet? Their inhabitants might be 'gaseous' or circular or very large. They certainly don't breathe, they may not have to eat and I doubt if they have babies--bits of their great discs may break away and grow into a new creature. The fact that they can hover and accelerate away from the earth's gravity again and even revolve round a V2 in America (as reported by their head scientist) shows that they are far ahead of us. If they really come over in a big way that may settle the capitalist-communist war. If the human race wishes to survive they may have to band together.
Several countries have released their information, or at least part of it, so it is rather surprising... or not...that this chance for at least some disclosure has been missed.             

The hype about 11.11.11. has passed and so will the next money making schemes confronting us.  It is, after all the end of the year BEFORE 2012 !           
Throughout the year I have noticed certain companies changing the programs they sponsor.  I call it flying your flag, wearing something which identifies you with a certain group or line of thinking, not knowing how to come clean with it. I thought about how this is the only country one can speak ones mind and say how corrupted we think everything is. We can VOTE and how important that is and only when we participate, can we change things.  On how when you have one million people or more marching united in One Cause and One Purpose how orderly they can be, because they have the same end result in mind.  Even though BIG BROTHER is well on the way, as a people we are still able to gather in peace if given a chance and how the corruption and behavior of the people is just a tool in the big picture of the UNIVERSAL ORDER.

Nonlethal weapons became popular during the Newt Gingrich era.  In my book written in 1997 I wrote and quoted the following:
"The 1/96 Progressive Magazine reported that a 1995 article, "Non-Lethal Technology and Air power", in the Air Command and Staff College's Air power Journal, describes how so-called non-lethal psychotropic and electromagnetic weapons will be used against civilians: "In the very near future, it will become clear that non-lethal methods have applicability across the entire spectrum of conflict, including crime and terrorism..."

"Years before he became House Speaker, Newt Gingrich wrote the foreword to an official U.S. Air Force book that described how electromagnetic weapons can be used to subjugate U.S. citizens who oppose the policies of the Federal government. The publication, titled Low Intensity Conflict and Modern Technology (Lt. Col. David J. Dean, USAF, Editor), contained a chapter written by Capt. Paul Tyler that deals with electromagnetic, (so-called) non-lethal and psychotropic weapons.
Because of the strong support for using the U.S. military against civilians (as clearly demonstrated by recent anti-terrorist legislation), this Air Force publication (and its relationship to HAARP) is very significant. Capt. Tyler stated:
"The potential applications of artificial electromagnetic fields are wide-ranging and can be used in many military or quasi-military situations. ...Some of these potential uses include dealing with terrorist groups" (as currently defined by the Clinton administration), "crowd control, and...antipersonnel techniques in tactical warfare. In all cases, the electromagnetic systems would be used to produce mild to severe physiological disruption or perceptual distortion or disorientation" (psychotronic weapons application).

I was fortunate to have discussions, as late as 2003, with DR Nick Begich, author of Angles don't play this HAARP.  We concluded that Newt Gingrich was the biggest supporter of the HAARP PROJECT.

As it tuns out the bathroom would appear the only "PRIVATE" place left for us. We feel secure, unmonitored, yet, we are vulnerable at the same time. I always encourage everyone to be sure to pay attention to their thoughts in this private place, since our thoughts and Ideas are always valid when in our "sacred space".  To take my own advice..... I thought about the year 2011 and all the amazing things we had available to us.  3-D, HD. super speedy computers, smart phones, touch phones and technology, which changes every day.  So why is it, that politicians stuck in their old mental time period want to send us back to Ping-Pong and Donkey Khan.

A nippy storm was approaching, thought I had better collect my medicine...Rite Aid called, telling me it was ready... and on the way home decided I was going to check out the new Walgreen's, which our little town was blessed with. I talked to the staff there and welcomed them into the neighborhood and explained how grateful everyone is for their great gift collecting under ₱434.
Upon my leaving the store I looked up and there in the sky it looked like the Mima Mounds had been transported in to the sky. I had neither phone nor camera, so I went back inside and asked if anyone could take a picture for me. I was told that that was not possible, employees are not allowed to bring phones to work. I bought an old fashioned disposable camera and took pictures of this unbelievable sight.  Left the parking lot and turned left into the main highway.

In passing, a young man standing by the side of the road caught my attention. On the next corner was and old woman with a sign: will work for food and a girl with sign I was unable to read.. I must have driven a good 2 miles when I just knew I had to go back and check on the young man standing on side of the road. The feeling was so overwhelming, so I made a U-Turn ...during rush hour... and returned to where I had spotted him. Unable to get there from where I was, I drove into the Albertsons parking lot and parked at the end of the adjoining gas station.

I am leery of only two breeds of dogs. German Shepherds and Rottweiler. Fear grabbed me as soon as I opened the car door. A Rottweiler ran toward me, he was all over me, so glad to see me, like I was his long lost friend, No way for me to get back into the car, as I took a deep breath to keep him from knowing how scared I was, I noticed he was a service dog. Strange, I thought, service dogs don't act like that, I calmed down and said: “Heh, Mr. Doggy, where is your Daddy?”

The dog took me to the young man I was seeking and I noticed he, the young man, was blind.  I asked him what was he doing there, standing in the rain, so far off the main ...... He wanted to know where he was and I said Tumwater.  He said he was from Lacey...14 miles north... a woman had bought him to the spot promising to give him and the dog a tarp.  He had been waiting for a long time, she never came back.  I apologized for not being able to return him to Lacey, my car is fully loaded with stuff and a walker in the backseat.
I  asked if they had eaten, he shook his head no.  I explained that my grandson-in-law works at a restaurant on the other side of the parking lot and invited him and Dog to come with me, so I could find some food for them,  Understandably he thought he wanted to stay where he was, in case his circumstances changed. I offered to get the food and bring it to him.

My Grandson in Law was not working, but some of my other family members were.  It was my first time ever having been there...I asked the owner if he had any scraps for the dog and ordered a meal for the young man.  I chatted with the owner and at one point the young man and the dog came into the restaurant.  I asked him to sit down and join me for a cup of coffee....about that time the food was ready.  The young man shook my hand and said: "thank you Lilian, you have no idea what you just did".  He opened the door, dog first, leading him,  I stepped behind him to close the door and they were gone, vanished.

We aired Episode 825 of my 1-hour show: A Visit with a Person of High Strangeness.

I lost some friends in 2011.  Some to death and some to our crazy times and the political divide, I am not sure which one of the two saddens me more.

It is said ignorance is Bliss. The world is in turmoil. December is, to some account, America's holy month.  We are HOLEY,
I saw an ad on the reader board at TCTV. It implied that if you are tired and don;t know what to do you might consider becoming a Catholic Sister.....I am assuming it is a requirement to be female to apply for that job.
I try to stay informed and fill my holeiness, but how I wish I could just live in BLISS.
An easy transition into 2012  and Love and Light
PS. A friend send this to me and I was breathless.  What a wonderful place, such ancient beauty.  Wonder how long before it is destroyed.....